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In this instructable / video I am going to show you step-by-step, how I made this micro USB powered, beautiful, LED desk lamp with an integrated on/off switch.

You can make lamp like this at home, using a router, jigsaw, drill and vacuum cleaner. No need of an expensive workshop.

In this build I used only 20cm of 12V SMD5630 LED strip, but it illuminates room very good. Considering that it consumes very little power.

What I like the most about this lamp, that it has integrated micro USB converter from 5V to 12V and ON/OFF switch. It makes everything so simple. Just need to connect this lamp to any USB socket with a micro USB cable. And you don't need to plug it out if you want to turn off the lighting, which is really convenient.

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Step 1: Preview

Picture of Preview

Few preview shots of the lamp at evening and night.

nqtronix4 months ago
No one reads this comment I can write anything. :D

I really like this lamp and the contact paper you used is on point :)

Thanks :)

that's super pretty! Congrats!

Thank you very much :)

c0llect0r1 year ago

Gyönyörű lett!

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Gregdubos1 year ago

Nice !

diyperspective (author)  Gregdubos1 year ago

Thank you :)

deluges1 year ago

Very nice work! Looks comfy

diyperspective (author)  deluges1 year ago