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Picture of DIY Driftwood Horse Sculpture How-To Build (Reclaimed Wood)

This is my first attempt at building a “driftwood” rearing horse sculpture (actually more like reclaimed wood). I used the CNC machine to help me cut out patterns to help guide and speed up the process.

  • The original idea for this sculpture came from seeing popular beach driftwood sculptures that are common around coastal areas.
  • Since there were no beaches nearby, a collection of sticks, stumps and branches were use to improvise this driftwood-style sculpture.
  • Although not required, A CNC router machine was used to make a frame for the horse to help with the positioning and proportions of the horse’s stance.

Step 1: Collect Your Wood

Picture of Collect Your Wood

This is a great excuse to go for a hike and experience a bit of nature off the beaten path. It helps to have a wheelbarrow nearby to fill up as the wood can be heavy when you collect a lot of pieces.

I've long admired this type sculpture. Thank you for sharing your work and your process with us. What a great addition to a garden!
shareahack (author)  OutofPatience1 month ago
Thank you :) My pleasure!
LeslieGeee1 month ago
BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for sharing.
shareahack (author)  LeslieGeee1 month ago
Thank you Leslie :)
Most welcome :)
Just want you to know that hot glue gun glue does not weather well. You are better off using silicone caulking for exterior use. Not sure where you are located but I found out the hard way here in New England a long time ago that unless protected glue gun glue should not be used for outside stuff. Hope that helps.
shareahack (author)  LeslieGeee1 month ago
Dark brown caulking is a fantastic alternative, genius! Cheers :)
DAP Dynaflex Ultra 10.1 oz. Brown Advanced Exterior Window, Door, and Siding Sealant-18217 - The Home Depot This is a good one will flex with your sculpture. You will have to check to see if it comes in a smaller tube. If not there are little caulk tube covers that will fit over the end to preserve what is left. Mine came 2 to a pack. Good Luck :)
shareahack (author)  PeeDonkeyPit1 month ago
cynnel1 month ago
Very Butterfield-ish! It looks fantastic, how did you attach the driftwood to the frame, with screws? Nice work!
shareahack (author)  cynnel1 month ago
Thanks @cynnel! Yes with over 300 deck screws of various lengths. I'm hoping to add more photos showing the tools etc here soon. The video at the beginning describes what tools were used as well. Cheers :)
Linzoid1 month ago
Incredible! What a stunning piece of art, you’re a true craftsman!

Thanks for sharing
shareahack (author)  Linzoid1 month ago
Thanks so much @Linzoid! :)
lolamatic1 month ago
Whimsical and majestic all at the same time. Great job!
shareahack (author)  lolamatic1 month ago
Thank you @lolamatic :)
seamster1 month ago
So impressive, I love the result. Fantastic work - thank you for sharing your process! : )
shareahack (author)  seamster1 month ago
Thanks Sam! :)