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DIY Drinking Straws From Stainless Steel Tubing - Material Selection and Guidance


Off the shelf SS drinking straws are often unsatisfactory for 2 primary reasons:

  • Too thin (not enough fluid flow)
  • Too tall (too easy to knock the cup over, poke an eye out, or accidentally pick a booger)

But, a straw should be easy to DIY. It's a tube. No welding. No joinery. It's an empty tube...full of opportunity.

You get to decide fluid flow, quality, and height. This Instructable is *not* about cutting a piece of metal. It's about designing and making a straw that's custom and right for you.

One 36" piece of high-grade stainless steel will make 3 or 4 straws.

Make. Give. Enjoy.

Step 1: Choose the Right Internal Diameter (ID)

Picture of Choose the Right Internal Diameter (ID)

This is the first and most important step. Most pre-made SS drinking straws on the market have a super narrow internal diameter.

A pink Braums straw has the perfect ID in my opinion. It works very well for both water and malts. So, I set out to find a stick of SS tubing with a similar ID.

Nice. This would be great for cold drinks in the summer.
keith204 (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos8 months ago
It is. Just be sure that if you make a smoothie, then put it in the freezer, you let the straw defrost before drinking. Else you may have a Christmas Story moment.