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Picture of DIY - Earphones Holder

Earphones have become an essential accessory for a mobile phone. Earlier there were only wired earphones available but now the market is flooded with variety of wireless earphones as well. Although a vast number of people use wireless earphones but there is still a majority of people using wired earphones. The most common problem with wired earphones is the frequent entangling of wires and the frustration to untangle the wires every single time before using them.

In this Instructable, i decided to make a simple earphones holder at home that will completely eliminate the need to untangle the wires forever and you will be able to use wired earphones with relatively more comfort.

Step 1: Watch the Video

It is always recommended to watch the video as it provides a deep insight into understanding of the procedure and makes it easy to follow.

Nag dabit, I would vote, but I can't!

Techgenie (author)  Thorondor951 year ago

Thanks Thorondor95....But if you wish, you can give your vote for my other instructables that are participating in the contests. One if them is DIY Coil winding machine -

Please, only vote, If you like the project....Thanks..

ArleyB11 year ago

Very cool and I am also glad no 3D printer involved .

Techgenie (author)  ArleyB11 year ago


Where is the vote button?

Techgenie (author)  Javier AdrianU1 year ago

Hehe....Thanks Javier AdrianU....but there was no ongoing contest when i posted this instructable.

I love the fact this was done without a 3d printer.

does it work with Pepsi caps? lol
Techgenie (author)  ScottyGolden1 year ago

Thanks ScottyGolden,

Yes, it will work with any bottle caps..:-p..but yes, i think with a 3D printer this can be improved a lot.

ravijag1 year ago

Great recycling and utilitarian ible! I liked it

Techgenie (author)  ravijag1 year ago

Thanks a lot ravijag...:)

This is quite like this USB cord that I have. Great idea!

Techgenie (author)  Techno_Bot011 year ago

Thanks Techno_Bot01....I am glad you liked it.