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Picture of DIY Edible Glitter Unicorn Cupcakes

I am so excited about my daughter's birthday party next weekend! In fact I am just excited that I have a daughter who loves Unicorns, Mermaids and Rainbows as much as I do!

In preparation for the party I wanted to make these Glitter Unicorn Horns for the top of the cupcakes, but couldn't find edible glitter anywhere in my town, so I said hey "I will make it myself! DIY style!"

DIY Edible Glitter, super easy to make and when you do it yourself you can make whatever color you want. For my daughter's Unicorn horn I went with Pink, Blue and Purple, her favorite colors.

Stay till the end and I will tell you what other Unicorn Party Ideas we will be doing :)

Step 1: Colors and Sugars

Picture of Colors and Sugars

I tried out 2 different types of food colors, liquid and gel, both worked fine, but the gel food coloring left some larger colored chunks (see the last picture)

Using the liquid colors makes it easier to mix your own colors, this is how I made the Purple color.

Sugars, if you can find Sanding Sugar use that it has more sparkles, what you don't want to use is your normal refined granulated sugar, that is too fine.

Course sugar can also be used (in Greece we call it fat sugar, hehehe, χοντρή ζάχαρη)

I used Light Brown Sugar, and this worked fine, although you don't want to cook it very long or it will go back to being brownish in color (don't ask me how I know that)

attosa3 months ago
Very cute! My bestie is a unicorn fiend. I'd like to make these for her :)
MaraCreates (author)  attosa3 months ago
She would love these! Unicorn's are awesome :)
These are super cute and tasty looking cupcakes!

Also, are you really going to make the rainbow chocolate bark? That's awesome!
MaraCreates (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
Thank you, yes I will be doing the bark with white chocolate, excited to see how it turns out and will leave a comment after I have made it :)