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Picture of DIY Educational Board Game

If you're looking for a fun way to increase student engagement, follow along as I teach you how to create a DIY board game to use in your classroom. Trust me, you do NOT need to be tech savvy! Let me share my tips on how to quickly and easily make an educational board game to use with your students complete with 3D printed game pieces using Tinkercad.

Step 1: Background

When I was working on my MEd research project, I wanted to address the one topic that my chemistry students struggled with the most, stoichiometry. Specifically, my students seemed to have difficulty performing the algebraic steps that are necessary in completing these problems. As I was researching ways to help my students succeed, I was introduced to the myriad of research surrounding the use of games in the classroom. I decided that I wanted to create a classroom board game that could yield similarly positive results both in student performance as well as increasing their confidence in the topic. You can visit Your Classroom Helper to download my game for free (board, game play instructions and over 100 stoichiometry questions and answers).

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)
Thank you!
Gadisha3 months ago
Very Nice, I love your ideas :)
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