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DIY Grow LED Light | Designing a Better Sun


Are you frustrated with the prices for high quality Grow Light systems?

To be fair, most of the commercial LED lights on Ebay & Amazon are totally sh*t that perform like Christmas lights rather than high quality good spectrum photon delivery systems

In this Instructable, I try to show the steps in designing a custom LED Grow Light, and briefly prove the results of my indoor hydroponic setup irradiated entirely by the DIY lights


  • Open source
  • Easy to replicate
  • Basic available components
  • Easily customized for different plants & environments
  • CHEAP (~40$)
danterozin19 days ago
I wouldn't use the f word as it may get you disqualified, but otherwise it is a very cool project.
AT4125 days ago
Good work
dymonxd (author)  AT4121 days ago
Thank you
Cheesey12521 days ago
hububububububu. first of all, TLDR. And second of all, man. this project is so bright, it outshines the sun!
dymonxd (author)  Cheesey12521 days ago
Thanks a lot
Thanks for sharing!
In this Instructables you are using leaf lettuce.
How do you figured out
- how many LEDs to use?
- in which distance to place the LEDs?
dymonxd (author)  theguymasamato29 days ago

for lettuce in particular, research recommends a PPFD of 200 to 250 μmol, also different portions of the spectrum split in % from the total PFFD (e.g. If your goal is 250 μmol = 100%, from which lets say 15% Green, 30% Blue, 55% Red etc.)

Now, to figure out all these numbers before designing the LED, you need a PAR meter to measure the PPFD of each LED at a fixed distance, sum it all up, and you get the nr. of LEDs that you need

The way I did it was basically use all the LEDs that I had, and then playing with the light intensity (since all the LEDs are fully controllable using Arduino), I was adjusting the spectrum and total PPFD (aka intensity) according to my needs! Dimming some LEDs, and increasing the intensity of others
If it is not powerful enough to get the desired PPFD, I decrease the distance from the LED to the canopy, but then I lose the light uniformity, so that's the trade

Hope I answered your question!)