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Hello Friends ! We've all heard of Holographic Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) for cars and they cost around 30-50 bucks. Well today I've got an idea and we will make our own Heads-Up Display for about 5 bucks !! Yes, you read correct 5 BUCKS only.

So, Let's make it

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Picture of Gather the Materials

We need very simple materials for this Project. I've provided a list below for the materials required -

Transparent CD case .........(X1)

Some basic tools are also required for this Project. The list is given below -

  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Super Glue
  3. Protractor
Spike0025 months ago
Cool idea, but beware of an important safety component of a HUD that you're missing here. Your display is not collimated. This means that when you look at the reflected image, you are focusing your eyes to the distance of the device (eg. 2-3 feet), not what is past it (eg. the road in front of you at 10+ meters), and therefore you effectively might as well be looking at the screen directly. A collimator lens makes sure only the light traveling straight (ie. focused at infinity) gets reflected back to your eyes. This can be done on a small scale with a plastic fresnel lens. Here's someone's DIY example of HUD collimation

- Head-up Display Wiki
- Fresnel Lens Wiki
- Collimator Wiki

redrok5 months ago
Where exactly is the "Hologram"?
I only see a reflection of a "Real" image.
Exactly! People misuse this word way to often. That and quantum
Don't forget about blockchain!
Gagan jain (author)  redrok5 months ago
Ya ! That's true but the image produces a holographic kinda effect
captnkrunch5 months ago
What is "holographic" about this?
rafununu5 months ago
The cheapest HUD never seen ! THX.
NicolaeF made it!7 months ago
Thanks really good ideea, I had a really har time to find a low cost option for a HUD
Gagan jain (author)  NicolaeF7 months ago
I think it will do a great job in your car