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Picture of DIY Ikea Butcher Block Countertops

I made new countertops for my kitchen using a butcher block slab I bought from Ikea. This was a fairly easy and inexpensive remodel and a big upgrade from the old formica that came with the house. I hope you find some inspiration to do your own.

Check out the video here (or above) for a more detailed tutorial

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and materials I used to make this project (affiliate)

sarawelder9 months ago
I wonder if any of the finishes are safe for a hot pan? On a naked wood surface you could just sand out any burns and I believe that wood is relatively antibacterial. I would like to replace some soon too but nor sure how to finish if at all
AnthonyR1309 months ago
This came out great! I love the look. Curious about the kitchen cabinets, they looked pink in one picture. Did you refinish those yourself?
Maker Gray (author)  AnthonyR1309 months ago
Thanks so much! And oh, those cabinets. They drive me crazy. The pink must've just been the lighting. They are really a yellowish stain that was here when we bought the house, and they totally clash with the wood I've installed (floor and counters). They're on my long list to change.
ThomasMaloney10 months ago
I have been wanting to fix a butcher block for my tops but I can't seem to decide on a suitable finish. This sleek shade you have chosen is perfect for a neat and clean look. Thanks for the guide!
The countertops look portable at the very first glance which really intrigued my interests. I have always wanted something sturdy while not looking ugly to complement the cabinets at home. The color choice also goes very well with the entire ensemble, so great job!
Maker Gray (author)  ChristopherJames10 months ago
Thanks so much!
jpobst110 months ago
Those look great. Good job. When we remodeled our kitchen I used butcher block counter top from Menards. Is waterlox food safe? When I researched it the only food safe coating was watco finish and bees wax i think. I used watco but didn’t like the color. So we stained and sealed them in the end. We just don’t let raw food touch the counter tops.
amesgirl64 jpobst110 months ago
Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes are water resistant, stand up to household spills and are non-toxic1 and food-safe when dry. Waterlox Original Tung oil finisheshave good heat resistance, can be used around stoves and are unaffected by boiling water and liquids. From their site.
Maker Gray (author)  jpobst110 months ago
Thanks so much! I don't believe Waterlox is food safe, but I'm not positive. We just don't put food directly on them. We use a cutting board, etc. I'm super happy with how the finish has held up after a year.
sybere10 months ago
I'm so inspired by your project. Your cabinets looking relatively you think this would work on older cabinets? did you replace the area around your sink? This is the section I need to fix most.
Maker Gray (author)  sybere10 months ago
Thank you! I do think these would work on older cabinets. You might have to shim some, but that's no big deal. We contemplated replacing the area around our sink, but ended up splurging for quartz. I'm glad we did because we don't have to worry much about water. But honestly if you put lots of coats of Waterlox on, you'd probably be okay there. These butcher block counters that I did are in a high use area, next to the stove and fridge, and they've held up so well. I'd feel pretty good around the sink after seeing how well they've done. But again, it all has to do with how well you seal them and how quick you are to clean up water around the sink.
JohanV8510 months ago
Those came out great! Quick question, what circular saw guide did you use to cut the block? Bora?
Maker Gray (author)  JohanV8510 months ago
Thanks so much! My guide was a crappy Pittsburgh from Harbor Freight. I'd definitely not recommend it, and I wish I'd invested in a better one before this project.
BrianG12310 months ago
To prevent tearout on the top, run your circular saw along the bottom of the piece, so the teeth are pulling into the finish surface. I do this when crosscutting oak plywood and preapplied formica counter tops as well.
Maker Gray (author)  BrianG12310 months ago
Great advice. I've since learned this. Thankfully no tear out on this counter but I wish I'd known that earlier. Thanks so much!
tgvoss10 months ago
We did this 4x years ago but left the original finish and just oil ours with mineral spirits. We love the look and feel of having more wood in our kitchen. Everyone told us it was a bad idea but we still love it!
Maker Gray (author)  tgvoss10 months ago
Agreed. I bet they look great!
obillo10 months ago
Very nice work, MaGr. As tyo the finish, I'm contemplating using West Marine epoxy. As to the cutting, I'm going to tilt saw blade 45 degrees, which result in an almost invisible cut line. A little practice may be necessary on scrap pieces, but I've seen pros do this an produce excellent work. For example, all my baseboards were cut that way.
Maker Gray (author)  obillo10 months ago
Great ideas. I definitely would have considered a miter cut if I had joining pieces. I'd love to see the finished counters when you are done! And thanks :)
grendell10 months ago
Interesting project.
I have similar wooden counter tops which are in desperate
need of renovation. Your finish looks excellent but I would be interested to hear how the finish is holding up to every day
kitchen use.
I was advised to use a 2 part lacquer intended for wooden floor
protection but even this would not be heat proof.

Maker Gray (author)  grendell10 months ago
We've had these counters for just over a year now and I'm so happy to report that they've held up incredibly well to tons of use. There are a few small dents here and there, but hardly noticeable. I'm super happy with the finish too. No water damage at all. Although I'm sure you'd be great with your finish option as well.
seamster10 months ago
These turned out excellent. I love these sort of half-diy solutions like this. Thank you, looking forward to all of your projects!! : )
Maker Gray (author)  seamster10 months ago
Thank you so much :)
Very good! These look very beautiful. I recently made a pair butcher block countertops for a client, and these look better than mine! Very well done.
Wow that's such a nice compliment! Thank you :)
You're welcome. Do you know what wood that the slab was made out of?
I'm not completely positive, but I think they are oak.
dekeros10 months ago
Looks really nice! Great instructable! Thanks for sharing!
tomatoskins11 months ago
Beautiful countertops!
Maker Gray (author)  tomatoskins10 months ago
Thank you so much!
carlos66ba10 months ago
beautiful! which IKEA countertop was this? All the ones I see are a lot thinner.
Maker Gray (author)  carlos66ba10 months ago
Thank you so much! This butcher block was the "Numerar" line. At :19 in the video there is a shot of the label if that helps!