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Picture of DIY Leather Jewellery | 3 Simple Earring Designs to Make
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I've always loved drop earrings that incorporate simple shapes but that make a bold statement.

For this set of 3 earrings I used leather scraps and faux leather to make simple but eye-catching designs that anyone can try.

And they will each only take you about 15 minutes of actual crafting time!

I hope you enjoy my Instructable :)

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
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Leather jewellery 3b.jpg
Leather jewellery 4h.jpg

- Leather/Faux Leather: I used a mix of both. This mainly came in the form of leather scraps and small samples off Ebay.

- An awl

- Scissors

- An X-Acto knife and cutting mat. A utility knife could be good too if you are using thick pieces of leather.

- Metal ruler

- Superglue

- Invisible thread

- Round items to draw around; I used a coin and a narrow reel of thread. You can use bottles, tubes, coins, jars etc. depending on the size of leather pieces you want to make.

- Jewellery pliers

- Jewellery findings; I used earring hooks, earring posts and jump rings

- Paper

- Pen

Lots of fun designs! I really like the triangular ones :)