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Picture of DIY - Lightsaber Candle

Market these days is flooded with expensive designer lights. For this instructable, I designed a light that not only resembles a Lightsaber but is also very economical and easy to make. You can use it as a Lightsaber candle by making it stand vertically on a shelf in the room or hand it over to the children for playing. Kids do have fun playing with it without getting injured.

SPOILER ALERT! There are many better and good looking Light Saber tutorials available online. This one is nowhere equivalent to those complex Light sabers but it is very easy to make and a fun toy for kids.

Step 1: Watch the Video

A video is a wonderful tool that helps to understand a concept well. It is recommended to watch the video as it will provide a deep insight and greater clarity to the procedure for making this DIY Lightsaber at home.