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Picture of DIY Mason Jar Lamp

Hey, Guys in this instructable I am sharing with you my recent make, A DIY Silhouette Mason Fairy Jar.
This lamp is really an Awesome to have in your bedroom. I added a Custom quotation using a vinyl cutter which I love the more and signifies the war we go through our lives, especially I have been last whole year after my accident

Step 1: Cleaning the Jar

Picture of Cleaning the Jar
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The First step is to clean the Jar. The cleaning is necessary for a good adhesion of the paint. I used Colin spray to clean the Jar. Spray gently and using a paper towel wipe it thoroughly. Make sure there are no dust spots.
Also, make sure that no smudge is present. Oil smudges are likely to get on the jar from fingers, so after cleaning try to avoid touching the sides.

ankurvarma10 months ago
Outstandingly amazing :-)
Outstandingly thought out! Can't wait to try it out.