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Picture of DIY Mini Chinese Lanterns | Simple Card Project
Chinese Lanterns 69j.jpg
Chinese Lanterns 69h.jpg

This Instructable will show you how to make some fun little Chinese lanterns, which you can hang individually or attach together in a garland.

I'll show you one version with red card, and another with acetate & crepe a coupld of other variations you can try.

I really hope you enjoy this project!

Step 1: Create the Template

This method helps you to create a sort of star shape with equally spaced 'petals'.

- First, take an A4 sheet of white paper and fold over a corner at the bottom of the page so that the bottom edge now lines up with the side edge. Cut off the rectangle of single-layer paper at the top, to leave you with a folded triangle.

- Fold this triangle in half along the long edge and then unfold it.

- Take a ruler and mark a point 3" from the 90 degree corner, along one side edge. Also mark the point on the long edge where the fold (that you just made) begins. Join these 2 marks with a ruler.

- Fold the paper along this line, then take the other point of the triangle and fold that over too, so that this fold lines up with the edge of the other triangle point.

- This should give you a shape like shown in the last photo.

offseidjr2 months ago
Nicely written! Good idea in adding the variations.
FernMakes (author)  offseidjr2 months ago
Thank you :D
zakbobdop2 months ago
Congrats on being a finalist, and by the looks of it the red judges prize!
FernMakes (author)  zakbobdop2 months ago
Thanks very much, so exciting! Congrats on being a finalist in the 1 hour crafts contest :) good luck!
This looks like a really fun project. The different lantern variations are awesome! :)
FernMakes (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM2 months ago
Thanks very much! :)