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Picture of DIY Minimalist Wooden Wallet

This instructable will outline the process to create your very own wooden wallet from common materials. This wallet is a slim, minimalist replacement to the bulky, unattractive one you're used to carrying. It is built to hold around 3 credit cards and a few loose bills -- greatly simplifying the random collection of cards and papers shoved into standard wallets. Additionally, this unique wallet will be a great conversation starter and can be easily fabricated in a few hours of tinkering.

There are a few main steps:

1&2) Processing wood for the build

3) Assembling the wallet frame

4) Making the folding flap and hinge

5) Making the wallet magnetic clasp

The tools required are:

Table saw

Power Drill

Sand Paper


The materials will include:

4x4 dimensional lumber (about a foot or so)

Glue (gorilla glue and tightbond)

Small magnets (1/16" thick and 1/8" diameter)

TearAid or Canvas

I've also included some commentary on lessons learned along the way and optional fabrication techniques at the end.

NOTE: As with any other rigid wallet, this one is intended to be carried in a front pocket, it wont conform like a fabric one will to a back pocket and could end up getting broken if you sit on it the wrong way.


Step 1: Processing Wood for the Build [CUTTING WOOD STRIPS]

Picture of Processing Wood for the Build [CUTTING WOOD STRIPS]

For this project I used a 4x4 piece of lumber. A 2x4 could also be used, you just need to have at least a 3.5" wide piece of wood.

Using a table saw, set the height of the blade so it will cut through the thickness of the 4x4

Next, set the fence spacing so that your cut will shave off a 3/16" thick piece.

HELPFUL TIP: When cutting thin pieces of wood you need to take certain considerations. I would suggest being careful not to entirely cut through the wood (so as not to completely separate the thin slice). By stopping short you avoid the risk of the slice falling into the path of the blade and being destroyed. Once the blade has stopped you can break off the slice and sand of the nub left behind.

Re-adjust the fence setting to cut off another 3/16" slice. Repeat the cut a few times till you have plenty to spare (there is a pretty good chance you'll damage at least one slice while building the wallet and extra will come in handy...)

With a few strips cut you'll need to cut some spacers for the wallet mid-layer. This consists of cutting several long strips (1/8" wide and 3/16" thick)

audreyobscura5 months ago
Thanks fo sharing your design and files and process! I particularly liked the hinge you made.
Thanks! Glad you like it.