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I wanted to build a miter saw station, but I wanted it to be really easy, not very time consuming, and not too expensive. Here’s what I came up with!

Step 1: Cutting and Assembling the Legs

Picture of Cutting and Assembling the Legs
Using the miter saw, I cut 16 pieces of 2x4 to 33 inches. This will result in an overall bench height of approximately 33 3/4 inches, so adjust the leg height up or down according to your preferences.

After cutting, I used 2-1/2 inch construction screws to attach the short end of one leg piece to the face of another. This will result in 8 90-degree leg pieces.
Classy, minimal, and efficient...and with clear instructions...thanks!
RickB11621 days ago
nice build - any plans to add a continuation to the rail of the miter?
beautyblog24 days ago
really nice ahahaha :D
Killawhat25 days ago
Looks like a pretty easy build. I haven't really got the space at the moment for something like this. Have you got any plans for utilising the space under the benches?
BjF325 days ago
Wowser... You made that build look so easy! Nicely done and I'm going to use this as a starting point for my new bench build. Thanks a ton for making this structable!
Nicely done! Love how clean it looks, too. I definitely need one of these. :D
robertjkeller (author)  jessyratfink26 days ago