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Picture of DIY PVC Pipe Privacy Screen
mdp-pvc-pipe-screen - square 2.png

We saw this decorative PVC fence at Walt Disney World's Epcot and decided we wanted to create a DIY version. the Disney version is actually a single piece of molded PVC designed to look like individual cut pieces.

We purchased various widths of PVC pipe and got to work!

Step 1: Watch the video

Watch the video to see the step by step process.

solipsism22 days ago
Next up. Copper pipe instead. Lol
So cool and modernist--and affordable--Thank you so much for posting such detailed instructions!
You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!
muadibe29 days ago
I love the look, a little 'hypnotic'.
This is just an amazing build! easy to do and cheap to make. i may have to go to the local construction site and ask the plumbers for all their short bits and cutoffs to make one for myself!
jtalvy1 month ago
Great job! Thanks for sharing!
DeeRilee1 month ago
By painting the finished project, you've protected it from the UV rays (which is hard on PVC). Not painting it will cause it to become brittle and crack much quicker.

Cool looking project!
JohnC4301 month ago
It looks great! work of art!
Doesn't look like a "privacy" screen. Perhaps an area separator or a work of art to be hung on your wall, but definitely no privacy..
It's definitely not a total privacy screen. It will however allow some privacy at a distance and at any angle that isn't looking directly through it. Your eyes will focus on the rings rather than seeing through it.

It's a privacy screen from people who refuse to look at PVC.
Exactly what I was going to say. How can something that is see through be a "privacy screen"!
f1dd13r1 month ago
Looks Great and even if for only a couple of years, leaves the way open to change the design for next time. I would think that the pipe used for guttering and rain pipes would be very longest lived.
liquidsands1 month ago
Your contractor who commented was spot on! I am a contractor also. PVC is not really UV proof. The gray PVC electrical conduit is much more UV resistant after all it is designed to sit in thew sun for decades with no other protection than the UV protectants in the precast mix. Beautiful project though. As to a rough idea how long it will hold up as built, depending on where you live and how "well" the ozone layer is above you, in 3-4 years you should see some chipping etc. starting but major damage will be quite a bit longer. The paint you used might help a lot. Since you are painting it the gray color of the PVC wouldn't be a likely problem. The plants in your yard look like Florida or California or possibly Arizona so I'm guessing a lot of sun. If you used a high grade exterior paint with a long life expectancy you could easily be not making another to replace the ones you made for even 15-20 years.
Wish I had time like you have to spend with my folks, I'm jealous...
Depends on the grade of PVC.
Plumbing grade PVC is not specified for external use unless UV protected. ABS is generally used in external applications.I have used PVC waste pipe on rainwater tank projects and you will get some surface crazing, but that is in the 15 to 20 year usage
However, a lot of PVC is used in the replacement window business as well as the "roofline" products like soffits and bargeboards, so presumably has some built in UV protectiuon. Rainwater goods are in PVC, and other than fading, seem to last well. Going brittle is a long-term problem. Very few plastics do well when exposed to UV long-term and even polycarbonate starts to discolour with time
His comments sound pretty accurate. PVC pipe in the sun is one of my pet peaves as it deteriotes it SO quickly its not even funny. The paint over it however should provide a UV barrier, so it might do much better.

Regardless, it really does look artistic and I love the concept, if not the material.
carir Shawn F1 month ago
Deteriorates is relative. I use white PVC 1/2 inch pipes for hoop houses. Leave them on the ground 365 day a year, only remove the fabric once cold weather warms up (5 month a year in this part of Minnesota) and I've been using the same ones for the last 13 years. They are all fine. Never have painted them.
Shawn F carir1 month ago
Cool. I've had such bad experiance with 1" and smaller that had UV exposure that I have avoided using it for hoop/green houses. Glad to hear it has lasted so well for you.
DonnH11 month ago
I have used PVC pipe a lot for amateur radio antenna projects. White PVC has poor to ridiculously poor anti UV properties. Gray PVC electrical tubing is nice because it has a lot of capability to withstand UV. but unfortunately it is a lot more expensive. The alternative is to find a good spray paint that can give you some UV shielding. It's fun to use PVC pipe for projects. if you have a hot air gun for paint stripping you can use it to soften the PVC and make it bend around corners. Thanks for sharing your project. it looks pretty nice.

sambolic1 month ago
I really appreciate you posting the mistakes you made and even potential mistakes you may have made, along with suggestions for fixing. Not every instructable does that. The fence looks really cool. :-)
DIY for Homeowners (author)  sambolic1 month ago
p_b_r1 month ago
I made almost the same thing, 2 decades ago, to make soap! With minor variations, this same idea/setup can be used to make a rack of soap moulds. My first wife and I were do-it-yourself soap makers - and this is great for making melt-and-pour soap! Nice work! Very artistic!
DIY for Homeowners (author)  p_b_r1 month ago
Very cool!
rmumma1 month ago
Wow - super cool! What a neat idea!
DIY for Homeowners (author)  rmumma1 month ago
Thank you!
BarryS411 month ago
WOW! Well done ladies! I can only imagine the time, effort and patience it took. What a mess! Project well done! Thanks for answering every possible query before asked. You mentioned 4 hours to complete. Could I ask the total cost of the completed project? I'm sure the outdoor construction adhesive will be fine. I would have made the same choice for the same reasons. Otherwise the two part pvc glue could have been a bit more time consuming, fiddly and messy. A strong fan to blow the fumes from the pvc glue away from your face is a good suggestion for someone wanting to try it that way. The visible colors from the pvc glue would be hidden behind the paint. Love the idea of adding shade cloth to the back for more privacy. I thought the first pic was just a cool pic of you and your mom. But I see the screens in the background your discussing in this article. Too smart ladies! Well done! Thanks for sharing.
DIY for Homeowners (author)  BarryS411 month ago
Thanks so much! I was probably around $95.
Ansif1 month ago
I feel like a professional Piece of Art! Nice work :)
DIY for Homeowners (author)  Ansif1 month ago
I think it looks like art too! I love coming home and seeing it! -Steph
Olgorofi1 month ago
I am amazed by the creativity and good work. Congratulations to you two. With your permission I would like to make my home here in Brazil. greetings
DIY for Homeowners (author)  Olgorofi1 month ago
Thanks! Have fun with the project!
PumpkinK1 month ago
I don’t really think the glue vs epoxy will matter much. I’ve worked as a general contractor for over 10 years and the solvent bond is really weak. I’ve removed many pvc joints simply by cutting a slit in the joint and prying. Sometimes I have had to put a little acetone on it but the pvc is undamaged just the adhesive is softened. So it’s obviously not bonded as everyone always suggests. The reason it binds in this situation is mostly compression and friction.
DIY for Homeowners (author)  PumpkinK1 month ago
Thanks for sharing!
Anna-Grace1 month ago
This is so cool!
DIY for Homeowners (author)  Anna-Grace1 month ago
compmend1 month ago
I like this a lot. I am going to make this taller and am going to use large diameter PVC and cut a piece of shade cloth to attach to the backside to provide more privacy and I will use PVC glue instead of Gorilla glue on the PVC pieces, but, for what you are using it for, I think it should hold up nicely and it looks great. I want to make a decorative fence to hide my air conditioner and outdoor fitness area.
DIY for Homeowners (author)  compmend1 month ago
Good luck with the project- love the improvments! -Steph
darwincam1 month ago
When cutting the PVC with the miter saw, clamp a piece of 1/2" plywood to the fence. When the pipe is cut, it will not fly through the opening and potentially bind the blade. I disagree that the blade will be trashed, I make thousands of cuts and its no worse for the wear than on wood. Nice project, it looks like it will work well for your intended purpose.
DIY for Homeowners (author)  darwincam1 month ago
FamilyF41 month ago
That's stunning! I'd bet the paint will defer UV damage by a decade.
DIY for Homeowners (author)  FamilyF41 month ago
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