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First of all, in this Insrtuctables , I am going to give some knowledge about Oxidised Silver Jewellery and will give an idea about how to make it artificially and I kept it so easy that the kids will enjoy to make this clay stuffs. As Oxidised Silver Jewellery itself cost a high and I really really love to wear Oxidised jewellery, then finally I got a way to recreate its look by using some simple and affordable materials.And I am pretty happy with the result, so I want it to write over here and I wish many people who love this art, will surly love this.Especially the kids who love to play with clays will surly love to make stuff for their kitty party and will get some ideas about their daily stuffs like hair accessories and all..

Before moving towards the project, I should give a little knowledge about the actual Oxidised Jewellery. Pure Silver is a very reactive metal.Its easily react with the atmospheric oxygen to form silver oxide which forms a black colour layer on pure Silver.Pure Silver due to reactivity is not suitable for Jewellery, because it gets tarnished easily by exposure. So sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% Silver and rest is copper. This Alloy does not get oxidised easily so thats the reason its is use for jewellery. And its cost is high for the Silver and its process though its outcomes are much beautiful.

Here I have recreate the look by using unused plastic bottle and air dry clay with some acrylic colours. So lets move to the project to learn the process and enjoy the vacation with handmade crafts.

Step 1: Make a Bangle Base

Picture of Make a Bangle Base
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First I wii give you the process of bangles. For that you have to take some used bangles as base. I did not have a wide surface bangle, so I have take two bangles and fix it together with glue.Yes, one thing you have to remember, You must take flat faced bangles, because round surface does not give that must flexibility to play.

Glue it together and let it to dry for some hours.