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Smartwatches are extremely fascinating because of the numerous features provided by them with tiny body. The Smartwatch craze began when Pebble released their first Smartwatch. Since then, many companies are constantly working on designing the most utilitarian smartwatch.

But, What really makes a Smartwatch cool? It is definitely its looks and features. The best way to get personalized features on a Smartwatch is to design and build one on your own.

In this project, I will show you how to make a DIY smartwatch using an ESP8266 chip, ESP-12E. I have documented all the steps, but I recommend you to watch the video to get a better understanding of the process.

Step 1: Project Overview

Picture of Project Overview
ESP8266 DIY Smartwatch.00_00_18_16.Still001.jpg

The main features of this Smartwatch are to display time, weather and most importantly you can control other appliances by pressing the buttons on the watch. The watch receives all the data through the internet, so it has to be connected to the internet to function.

Here's how it functions:

1.Time: The watch connects to the nearest NTP server to get the time and date.

2.Weather: The temperature data is obtained from Yahoo Weather API.

3.Controlling other Appliances remotely: The watch connects to the Blynk server and uses its bridge function to directly control the other ESP8266 Relay module that I made in my previous project. You can watch the video Here.

How long does the battery last if you leave the watch on.
pranav23452 months ago
Yahoo Weather API this does not show any thing as you said kindly help me out how i can get it?
MARKODIAS4 months ago
Amazing!! Tank you for share!! Is possible incluse camera in the project?
LeoW456 months ago
Hi, this is a really impressive project! A few days ago, I decided to make your smartwatch, but I found out that the Yahoo API you used is no longer available, so can you teach us if there is an alternative or another way to get the Yahoo API? Thank you!
thuffam6 months ago
Hi This is amazing - thanks so much for sharing. I am learning electronics - could you please explain the circuit design please. I would like to know why you have used the specific resistors and capacitors. This would really help my understanding. Thanks and Kind Regards
Human4728 months ago
This seems more easy to use than an Apple Watch
Mikeakbari9 months ago
Can you share the pcb design files so I could modify them to my needs?
Can you share the pcb design files so I could modify them to my needs? (unrelated project, but I need an esp a display and buttons like yours, besides some temperature sensors)
The musics and GC/intro sounds effects are much more louder than the rest of video.

PRO DR MR BOB9 months ago
how do i put it so it can use multiple wifi's?
Joe-12310 months ago
Beautiful, lookin forward to designing my own smartwatch.
bcarpenter110 months ago
Did I see this right? You shipping was close to $50? Otherwise, your project was very cool.
This is really impressive. You should enter this into the Electronics Tips and Tricks contest.