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Picture of DIY Terracotta Neck-piece Jewelry

Terracotta was the only clay product used until around the 14th century.Terracotta is the term normally used for sculpture made in earthenware and also many practical uses like vessels, waste water pipe, bricks, surface embellishment in building. Terracotta literally means ‘baked mud’ and is made from natural clay and generally found in reddish-brown colour. It was also used traditionally to create figures of deities on festive occasions and ceremonies besides its use in jewellery and handicrafts.

Terracotta uses because of its simpler and quicker characteristics with much lower cost.

Terracotta modelling, typically with a limited range of knives and wooden shaping tools, but mainly using the fingers allow the artist to take more free and flexible approach.Its making is super exciting and easy too.You can make it easily at your home by using the natural clay and some basic technique.

Terracotta jewellery is count as a traditional jewellery and the best part of this is, you can wear it any of your outfit. It looks more brilliant with saree or any ethnic kind outfit.So as the Mother's Day is just around the corner, why not we gift this time a beautiful handmade jewellery to our most beloved person.

So lets move to the step by step process.............

Step 1: Material and Tools Required

Materials Required:

1. Terracotta clay ( Amazon )

2.Oil ( Amazon )

3. Jewelry making Wire ( Amazon )

4. Jewelry Pins ( Amazon )

5. Acrylic Colour ( Amazon )

6. Paint Brush ( Amazon )

7. Terracotta Pot for baking ( Amazon )

8. Rolling Pin ( Amazon )

9. Cutting Mat ( Amazon )

10. Tissue Paper ( Amazon )

Tools Required:

1. Nose Pliers ( Amazon )

2. Pallet Knife ( Amazon )

3. Hobby Knife ( Amazon )

4. Needle ( Amazon )

5. Wire Cutter ( Amazon )

sabu.dawdy3 months ago
Loved every bit of it. Keep up the good work
worthworks4 months ago
Oh my gosh this is WONDERFUL! I've been a mixed media artist for many years and have always wanted to make special pieces of clay to put in my work and to make some jewellery for myself but down't own a kiln, nor do I want to buy one, I thought my only option was air dry clay, which has some strength , but nothing close to baked clay.

Now I know I CAN bake my clay and not have to worry about the integrity of the pieces in my work! It's a whole new world for me! THANK YOU! I love the jewellery you made and can't wait to follow in your footsteps. You are an excellent artist. A real artist is one who is patient and knows that the prep-work is where all the real work of art happens. Good Instructible.
ManojB574 months ago
It's an interesting and very cool craft one. Loved this. Keep it on
artwithdEva (author)  ManojB574 months ago
Thank You So Much..
jessyratfink4 months ago
This is such an interesting process to see! I loved reading about it :)
artwithdEva (author)  jessyratfink4 months ago
Thank You so Much.. I am glad that you love my work..