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Hi everyone! In this Instructable I’m going to show you how I made a tree ring shaped wall clock.

I made this clock to celebrate my first anniversary on YouTube.


Plywood - 21 mm thick (your local hardware store)

Clock mechanism

Colored pencils

Clear fast-drying polyurethane

D-ring hanger




Cordless drill

Dremel high performance rotary tool kit

Forstner drill bits

Router bits

Sanding block

Let's get started!

Step 1: Making the Shape of the Clock.

This clock is made out of 21 mm thick plywood. This large plywood board is pretty heavy, so I cut it 60 by 40, which will make the drawing of the shape easier and faster.

Now, I can start drawing the shape of the clock. I wanted to make a tree ring shape, and I hope I achieved the goal.

In the beginning I drew total of 6 rings, with a nice transition between them. Actually, my plan was to make each ring a different layer, and all of them to be 3 mm high, only the smallest one to be 6 mm high. Later, I realized that I needed to make 7 rings, all with 3 mm height, which will improve the look of the clock.

But, let’s go back to the shape. Once I was done drawing, I cut with a jigsaw, following the outline of the largest layer. So, I got the final size of the clock, which is 55 by 35 cm.

snowf71 year ago

I think it looks great. I love the rustic feel you get from it. It is very eye-catching and also easy to read. Great job!!!

I think it would look nice if you sanded the edges smooth, instead of having step-up edges.