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Picture of DIY Ultimate Paper Glider

Hi there! Welcome to my Instructable.

Today I will be showing you how to create a simple, yet very entertaining paper glider! This project is great for kids or your inner-kid!

Let's begin.


- Sheet of printer paper (This is all it takes).

- Your hands (Your tools).

Step 1: Your First Folds

1) Lay your piece of paper out in front of you, portrait oriented.

2) Take one of your upper corners and fold it down towards the opposite edge to create a triangle. Crease it.

3) Unfold it and repeat step 2 with the other upper corner.

4) Unfold it again and you should see an X has been created in the paper.

WOW. That is amazing! I'm gonna guess it's more for outdoors than indoors because of that video.

VampieC made it!2 years ago
Alright, nice plane.
Could use some tweaks..... But that is the fun of making planes.
1pjdjdhruv made it!2 years ago
Cool. The best dlider I have ever seen.
BhaskarC made it!3 years ago
Cool!!! I too got it flying up n down ?
1775 (author)  BhaskarC3 years ago
Great job!
vgonsalves made it!3 years ago
I made it. Nice and unique paper glider!
1775 (author)  vgonsalves3 years ago
Nicely done, it looks great!

its good. I'm gonna try it.

1775 (author)  kijokunsuman3 years ago
You wont regret it ;)