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DIY Wall Art: How to Make a Cut-out Into Reclaimed Wood With a Picture Behind


In this Instructable I’m going to show you how I made an animal cut-out into reclaimed wood and placed a picture behind it.

I really enjoyed the process of creating this wall art, it was very easy and fun to make.

Check out my YouTube video for more detailed explanation!

Now, let’s begin!



Step 1: Making a Board Out of Pine Wood Flooring.

Picture of Making a Board Out of Pine Wood Flooring.

A bunch of pine wood flooring boards were sitting in my basement for a long time, I guess they were patiently waiting for me use them in some project. So, I took one board and decided to make a wall art.

I took my jigsaw, inserted the appropriate blade, and cut 5 pieces 32 cm long. Here I don’t have to be precise, because as soon as I join them together I’ll cut the entire board again in order to get straight lines.

Once I’m done with all the cuts, I can join them together using only a wood glue and some clamps. The best thing about this kind of wood flooring is that the boards have tongue and groove joints, which makes joining much easier.

I clamped a scrap wood across the pieces to flatten the surface of the board. Before doing anything else, I left it to dry out.

rmolinero1 year ago

Good pictures describing the process. Thanks,

AaronY131 year ago

Greetings, Creativity Hero =D

That's a really pretty picture in the frame, anyway I can find it online?


Creativity Hero (author)  AaronY131 year ago
Great idea! Great execution!!
Awesome end results!!! Can’t wait to try this project.
Creativity Hero (author)  WoodifIcould1 year ago

Thank you! I'm glad I gave you like this project! :D

Top notch!

Creativity Hero (author)  TheKitMurkit.1 year ago

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doctorkred1 year ago

Muy bonito (very nice)

Creativity Hero (author)  doctorkred1 year ago

Thanks! :D

Yoruk1 year ago

So beautiful ! I'll add this in my to-do list projects.

How did you get the final background picture ? Simply printed it with an office printer ?

awesome! love your work
Creativity Hero (author)  rayo_viegas1 year ago
Thank you so much! :D
rayp15111 year ago
Beautiful, I like the way you attached the frame too.
Creativity Hero (author)  rayp15111 year ago
Thank you! :D
NE41 year ago
great work dear you are so smart
Creativity Hero (author)  NE41 year ago
Thanks! :D
sebtex1 year ago
That looks awsome
Creativity Hero (author)  sebtex1 year ago
Thank you! :D