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Picture of DIY: Daft Punk Helmet

This is a project I have already done twice and now I am in the process of doing it again. I have always been after the perfect shape and scale for is helmet and I think this time I will be spot on! I’ve done it before with pepakura and this time I’ve done it with 3D printing and modeling. Hope you dig the process.

Just as a side note, even though some photos are from this new build and some are from a previous build, the steps are still the same and will be required to finish this project.

Step 1: Supplies.... in No Order What So Ever...

Picture of Supplies.... in No Order What So Ever...

- 3D printer (brand is up to you but I had a Robo3D R1+ at the time)

- Bondo Body Filler

- Bondo polyester resin

- Fiberglass Cloth or mat

- Double-stick tape

- Primer (I use Rustoleum brand Filler Primer)

- Sandpaper of various grits

- Polyurethane casting resin ( I used SmoothCast300 from Smooth-on)

- Scissors

- lots of coffee

- Molding Rubber ( I used MoldMax30 from Smooth-on)

- Wingnuts and bolts

- PLA filament

- Superglue

- Vacuforming machine (I made my own)

- .060 PETG plastic

- Rotary tool with attachments (I use a Proxxon)

- luck

- A drill or a screwdriver

- DAFT PUNK playing on loop while you work.

Also, none of these links earn me money, this are just examples for you to visualize the tools and supplies needed, you can buy whatever brand you like from where ever you'd like.

1234567guy7 months ago
How did you see though the helmet?
jessyratfink9 months ago
This came out looking so good! And if you ever decide to quit your day job you now have an outfit to be a space pirate :D
igor.pinsky (author)  jessyratfink9 months ago
Lol thank you so much. I’ve had practice. :)