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Picture of Dakboard Wall Display With Pi Zero W

I work in IT. Often we get customers who would like us to remove their old kit. This usually leaves us with a pile of scrap, and monitors are one of the things we find which are wasted. At home I had upgraded my own monitors and this left my older ones sitting doing nothing so I thought about ways I could utilise them to display many of our family photos that don't often get any screen time unless we are purposefully looking through the albums.

I found the website and this brought about some ideas, as I had been playing with Raspberry Pi's; the 2 ideas were brought together.

Step 1: Old 20" Monitor

Picture of Old 20

So the monitors we had laying around were HP 20" LED monitors. I cracked open the frame of the monitor and disconnected the button array, you can keep this and reconnect it later if you so desire but I chose not to.

Measure the screen and cut out your mitres accordingly. I used a mitre power saw and checked each angle before making the final cut. This left me with the 4 relevant pieces for the back of the frame. The timber used was some 4" x 1" PSE from my local Wickes store.

The mitres were glued and then nailed into place using panel pins to hold in place. This was then left overnight to dry. Whilst this was drying, I also cut the mitres of the front of the frame.

Tom De prins11 months ago

This drew my attention because i have a digital photoframe made with a Pi Zero waiting for a frame. Looks good but it looks like you can lose a lot of space if you remove the metal corner profiles and wall socket and screw 2 or 4 screw in from the sides. You won't even see them ;)

Instead of a wall socket you can use Wago connectors or loop terminals. The raspberry pi can be mounted on the other side of the wood barrier where's there's open space. Or you can mount it on the display with double sided tape or something. If you do all these things you can even replace the wood barrier with a panel so the back is completely closed.

Just some ideas :p

Goll420 (author)  Tom De prins11 months ago
Thanks mate, however using the wall socket was the easiest and cheapest way of providing 240v and 5v for the pi. It looks nice on the wall with some flush mount fittings and doesn't look too bad for the width. Plus my other half likes to put ornaments on our living room one! :)

I'm curious what software you used on your pi zero for the photos?
I used a software from mrworf. you can find it here:
It only shows photo's and not a date or weather etc. It uses google photo's api to get photo's from your google photo's account.
DiannM10 months ago
Would it be possible to use this project to display a “live” view of a Google Calendar?
Goll420 (author)  DiannM9 months ago
Hi there, yes if you use the Dakboard website like I did. It can display Office 365, Google calendars or anything from an ICS file. The free one updates calendar every 2 hours I think but if you go premium you can change it to much more frequently updates.

That looks really nice. I would love to have one of these on my office wall.

Goll420 (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos1 year ago

Why thank you. The interface can show your calendars too from Office 365/Google etc.