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Picture of Dancing Ballerina - Light, Music, Action

This dancing ballerina was created for my granddaughter.

The idea was so create a ballerina that rotated slowly while an RGB LED ring flashed and a waltz was played.

I wish to thank Maitan for his Ballet Dancer which I modified ever so slightly for this project.

The video animation attached gives an idea (less the LEDs) for what I was trying to achieve.




This project cost me under $10 (USD) to build.

Step 1: Original Concept


I include this merely to detail some of my learning. The original design was as shown in the photos i.e. the motor was to be mounted from below with the LED holder being glued into position. This however did not give a good finish with respect to how the LED holder lay and also did not allow enough space for me to secure the circuitry.

Also initially the part for securing the ballerina to the turning shaft was all one piece but unfortunately the structure was not strong enough and the model broke at the ankle as well as the point of the attaching section. I was able to glue the foot back on but try as I may I could not reattach the bottom part.

I could have redesigned and reprinted the entire ballerina but in the end decided on different approach which I feel worked out even better in the end.

Build_it_Bob5 months ago
Hi Abasel, this is a very nice project. There is always room to improve, but I also think that every iteration in the creative process is very deserving of appreciation. I am certain that your grand daughter will love the ballerina "Just the way it is"; in her eyes it will be perfect.
I am very sure she will be proud of you, and that is priceless. I will cast my vote for you now!
abasel (author)  Build_it_Bob5 months ago
Thanks @Build_it_Bob for your kind words :)