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Darth Vader Costume From Multiple I'bles (incl. Mine and My Mum's ;-)

Picture of Darth Vader Costume From Multiple I'bles (incl. Mine and My Mum's ;-)

My 6 years old son asked me some times ago to dress like Darth Vader for the Mardi Gras at his school.

I first thought it strange as he never watched any film involving the Force. However we started to look around for a nice costume. As I wanted to do it myself, I seek over the I'ble and found some interesting things. However the costume was not complete. I was missing the cape and the chest box...

So this I'ble is about doing 2 I'bles and putting them together with 2 extra parts of the costume I have made myself in order to have a good looking funny Darth Vader costume for a kid ;-)

Let's build it now!

Step 1: Darth Vader Helmet

Picture of Darth Vader Helmet
2017-02-07 23.22.01.jpg
2017-02-07 23.21.56.jpg

To build Darth Vader helmet, which is the piece of choice in the costume, I found this I'ble

If this I'ble is not finished and doesn't present a finished helmet, I did it my way with a great support and feedback from the author.

So I did this I'ble while finishing it with upcycled black paper from a shoes box that my wife bought meanwhile. If the finish doesn't look perfect in comparison to what you can found on this webiste, it is enough for a 6 years old boy.

To adapt the size, I glued foam inside the helmet.

To protect the cardboard, I count first on the paper and glue I used. I also applied a thin layer of special varnish (the one made for sailing).

This one is not perfect but fulfil the requirements!

Helmet? done!

note: I found this way of building helmet so cool and funny that I decided to make some by my own. Stay tuned to see them in some next I'bles.