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*Mask: Liquid latex, Acrylic paint (black, red, white, yellow, green), stuffing, straws, string, aluminum foil, clay, Styrofoam head, foam board, circle cereal, hot glue gun, balloon.

*Claw: Cardboard, paper maché (newspaper, flour, water), paint (red, brown, black), scrap material, and a hot glue gun.

*Hat: Cheap sunhat, flour, water, newspaper, yellow and brown acrylic paint, hot glue, black

*Clothing: A pair of black pants, a black long jacket, sea shells, hot glue, yellow acrylic paint, clay, moss, long strip of black material for belt, cheap sword from dollar store.

*Peg Leg: Cardboard, acrylic paint (red, black, brown), paper maché (newspaper, flour, water), wire, Velcro.

*Right Hand: Latex pair of gloves, liquid latex, acrylic paint (black, red, white, yellow, green), hot glue gun, stuffing, wire.

Step 1: Make the Mask

Picture of Make the Mask

*There are many steps to the mask, so to keep this instructable condensed I have created a separate instructable for the mask-->

*Basic steps for the mask:

*Form clay on Styrofoam head in shape of Davy Jones' head and bases of tentacles

*Create tentacles using aluminum foil, cover in clay and add cheerios for the suction cups

*Add 12 layers of liquid latex to the mask head with the last 2 layers being a mixture of latex and paint

*Add 6 layers of liquid latex to the tentacles with the last 2 layers being a mixture of latex and paint

*Add foam/inserts to ensure mask maintains shape

*Cut eye/mouth holes

*Stuff tentacles and attach to mask (Add string + a straw if you want the tentacles to be able to move)

Felix_H1 year ago

Very cool! And so much work in it! Voted for you!

Swansong1 year ago

You did an awesome job on the claw and the tentacles :)