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Picture of Decorative Mountain Light


today I am going to show You how to build this beautiful Mountain Light. It´s easy to make and will add a nice touch to Your bedroom, especially at night!

This is my first Instructable, so I would be very happy to hear from You what is good and what should be improved. Thank You!

Tools & Materials needed for this Project:

  • wooden board of Your choice, at least 1cm thick
  • LED strip, mine was 1m long with power adapter or battery pack
  • a few wood screws (optional)
  • wood wax or wood polish (optional)
  • paint brush
  • printer and computer (optional)
  • jigsaw or comparable saw
  • electric drill
  • different files
  • sandpaper
  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • a few small cables with isolation
  • cutter or thick needle
  • pencil
  • dowel
  • metal hooks (depending on how You want to install the light to Your wall)
  • a few clamps to secure the wood while working

! I take no responsibility for property damage or personal injury that occurs during or after the construction.

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Template-Mountain for You

Picture of Finding the Perfect Template-Mountain for You

Now You have to choose a Template for Your Light. You can search Pictures of mountains in the internet or maybe You have a favourite mountain, that You want to use?

I used a picture of the "Watzmann" which is an especially interesting looking mountain in Bavaria, Germany. I was there a few years ago and it was pretty impressive!

If You have found the perfect image for You, print it out!

Jadem521 year ago

Cool project, it looks sort of like Virginia!

LEO337 (author)  Jadem521 year ago
What a coincidence! :D I guess You can also use a state as template... And thanks for Your comment ;)

I like the idea that you can pick out any mountain range you want to use! Cute memory saver.

LEO337 (author)  Whitney Fabre1 year ago
Thanks! :)

looks cool!

LEO337 (author)  inconceivable11 year ago
Thank You :)

This looks great! Wonderful way to preserve memories of the mountains!

LEO337 (author)  tomatoskins1 year ago