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Step 3: Cook

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Note: Ensure that appropriate clothing is worn when using a propane deep fryer. Long trousers, closed shoes and leather gloves are the minimum items required.

Place the deep fryer outside on a non flammable surface. If things go wrong, the flames could be significant so also ensure that you do not place it under the eaves of a house or a tree.

Place the oil filled fryer onto the propane burner and light it. Each burner will have a different method, use the instructions that came with your unit.

Heat the oil until it reaches 325° F, ensure that it does not exceed 350°. Leaving the lid on the pot while the oil is heating up to speed the process up. Allow approximately 40mins for the oil to come upto the correct temperature.

Turn the burner off and lower the turkey slowly into the oil using the hook that comes with the fryer. The oil will likely boil up and splatter a bit. Wearing gloves will minimise the chance of burning your hands.

DO NOT replace the lid at this point. The lid must remain off the oil whilst cooking.

Relight the propane burner and use the regulator to keep the oil at a temperature of approx 325 degrees F, again, ensure that it does not exceed 350°.

Cook the turkey for about three minutes per pound. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the meat in the thickest part of the turkey has reached 180° F.

Remove the turkey and cover with tin foil. Let it stand for approximately 20 minutes before carving and serving. Remember to turn off the burner when removing the turkey from the burner to minimise the chance of dripping oil onto the open flame.

Now is the perfect time to place some peeled and cube potatoes into the fryer whilst letting the turkey rest!

Note: The fryer should be monitored at all times while you are heating and cooking the turkey. It may be tempting to have a beer or wine while doing this but I recommend that you avoid drinking and frying.