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Picture of Delicious Baked Aubergines, Tomatoes and Olives
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This is one of my wife Becca's favourite recipes of mine, even though she doesn't usually like aubergines. The key is to cook it for ages which develops the flavour and texture so it is rich and soft without being slimy or squishy.

It can be used as a vegetarian or vegan main or side dish and variations include adding garlic and a parmesan topping (clearly not vegan option if you do this!). I would expect the quantities here to serve six but we ate the lot between four of us. My sister and her boyfriend were visiting so I wanted to cook a great meal for them; it went down really well with everyone.

I love cooking when I am not working on my inventions. I am currently working on a biobattery (but that's a secret...) and am close to launching my new ZenPods Moulded Earphones on my website at They are great for audiophiles on a budget as they improve the sound from standard earphones for a lot less than the cost of audiologically moulded earphones.

Step 1: The Aubergines

Picture of The Aubergines
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Wash the aubergines and chop them into roughly 2cm cubes. Put them in a big pan and cover them in salt. Mix them well with a wooden spoon, cover them in salt again, them mix again. Put them to one side for about 10-15 minutes whilst you prepare the other vegetables.

The salt draws out a light yellow liquid, reducing bitterness.

T0BY (author) 19 days ago
My sister made it using the recipe when she got home, having it with salmon. Here it is;
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-26 at 19.49.10.jpeg
T0BY (author)  T0BY19 days ago
Looks almost as nice as mine!
That looks delicious!
T0BY (author)  jessyratfink24 days ago
Thanks! It was really good.