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Picture of Denim Weaving

Do you have jeans that are too small, too big, too worn out, or jeans that you just don't like anymore lying somewhere in your closet?

Don't throw them away! Use this instructable to weave something new out of a useless pair of jeans (or three)!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need:

- 3 pairs of different-colored jeans

- Scissors

- Ruler

- Chalk or fabric marker

- Pins (a lot)

- Piece of cardboard or cork board big enough to hold you project

- Heat n Bond® or any other permanent fabric adhesive

- Piece of fabric big enough to cover your project (does not have to be something nice and new - I used an old pillow case)

- Iron

- Iron board

- Fabric weaving needle (or piece of sturdy plastic, utility knife, scissors, marker and ruler to make one yourself).

OMG! Super cool looking project. Cudos!
TatianaO2 (author)  pamala.leonard3 months ago
Thank you!
phillipnolan4 months ago
very nice. that pattern needs a qbert in the corner
TatianaO2 (author)  phillipnolan4 months ago
thumbnail (1).jpg
Amazing! Very clean final product. Voted for you!
Thank you!
pattymadeit5 months ago
This is FABULOUS! I love using old jeans for projects - so much character in the fabric! If you want more inspiration on weaving - check out weftyneedle , SHE has the weaving needle you want! You did a great job with the materials you had on hand to make your own! :-)
TatianaO2 (author)  pattymadeit5 months ago
Thank you very much for compliments and tips! I love working with denim - there are endless color shades and a constant supply of it.
Ninzerbean5 months ago
Voted! Great idea and it looks lovely - thanks for sharing.
TatianaO2 (author)  Ninzerbean5 months ago
Thank you!
Nancy JG5 months ago
Sorry to be a Grammar Nazi, but the past tense of weave is "woven," not weaved. Not critical to the project (which looks really interesting), but it diminishes the quality of the Instructable, IMO.
TatianaO2 (author)  Nancy JG5 months ago
Thank you for pointing this out. It was a mistake on my part and English is not my native language. However, "weaved" is actually the past tense of "to weave". "Woven" is the past participle. In the current context, "woven" is the correct one though.
You are absolutely correct about the parts-of-speech assignment; however, "wove" is the generally accepted past-tense verb for weave.
MaraCreates5 months ago
Great Instructions, love it!
TatianaO2 (author)  MaraCreates5 months ago
wrossland5 months ago
Love the creative thinking for the yarn needle!
TatianaO2 (author)  wrossland5 months ago
Thank you!
robertbettis5 months ago
This is so awesome! Do you think it could be used for clothing -like a skirt for instance- with the addition of stabilizer or something??
TatianaO2 (author)  robertbettis5 months ago
Thank you! Theoretically, it is possible, but if you made it out of jeans the clothing would be very heavy. You could try to use thinner jean fabric or a different fabric altogether. Maybe you could try making a part of a piece of clothing rather than a complete garment? I haven't made any clothing myself so I'm unsure how it will turn out.
TheFischLife5 months ago
This turned out so cool! Love the pattern!
TatianaO2 (author)  TheFischLife5 months ago
Thank you!
That is amazing! From a distance I was thinking there was no way that was woven, it looked like print! So very awesomly done :D
TatianaO2 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Thank you! The squares do really stand out, as if they are 3D!