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Picture of Dinosaur Skull Headdress
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CMB Dilo skull.jpg

The first Dinosaur Skull Headdress I made is the Jack-a-Lope-a-Saurus Rex, which is an antlered T-Rex covered in sequin scales. A later variation has antlers and metallic leather feathers. Then, an entirely new species appeared as a feather-crested Dilophosaurus.

This Instructable includes the patterns and instructions to make your own Jack-a-Lope-a-Saurus Rex. From here, feel free to iterate and make up your own dinosaurs!

Step 1: Inspiration and Materials

The design is based on actual dinosaur skulls and antlers, and I was also very inspired by drawings, miniatures, and headdresses I found on the internet. I'd like to send a huge thank you to these amazing artists:

McGibs, Dragon Headdress

Adam Tenenbaum, Antler Headdress

Hikigane's beautiful Ice Dragon Headdress

Carla Wyzgala, T-Rex red Dinosaur Bone watercolor

Dizzidragonz, Dragon Skull Mask

For my own, I wanted to wear what an Amazon warrior would wear in prehistoric times, but without the weight of an actual skull. I designed this headdress to be lightweight and durable enough for outdoor events. From previous pieces that I've made (the Praying Mantis spirit hood and the Horsehawk, shown above), I had some parameters on how the size and balance of the structure would affect the overall wearability.

In my design, the upper jaw would fit over the top of my head like a hat, and the hinged lower jaw would provide stability by balancing the tall antlers.


2mm craft foam (4 sheets of 9x12") - Amazon or local craft store

3mm craft foam (1 sheet of 9x12") - Amazon or local craft store

12 gauge solid copper wire with white insulation - Amazon or local hardware store

Lightweight chain or leather cord

1" elastic (12" long) - Amazon or local craft store

Lightweight leather




X-acto knife

Cutting mat

Hot glue gun & glue

Needlenose pliers

Printed patterns (next step)

QTSoFly9 days ago
Hello… Just wondering if the balance for the dinosaur head dress is thrown off if I forgo the antlers?
SimpleAsPi (author)  QTSoFly9 days ago
I think it would work great; the front headband and the elastic around the back should still hold everything securely.