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Picture of Diresta Inspired Giant Sticker Display

I draw inspiration from a lot of sources, and lately I have been inspired by two makers in-particular: Jimmy Diresta and Paul Jackman (you may have heard of them).

After seeing Jimmy at Workbench Con and getting a "I Make Therefore I Am" card from him, I decided to combine that with Paul Jackman's trait of Jackman-sizing (blowing things up to ridiculous proportions), and make a large scale version of the card.

This fit perfectly with a problem I had - having a bunch of stickers I have collected from sticker swaps and not knowing where to put them.

So I build a Jackman-sized version of the I Make card and created a giant sticker board!

Here's how I put it together

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

The materials I used: (with affiliate links)

I Make Therefore I Am card - Jimmy gives these away, in person, so you need to talk to him about getting one
Stickers - you can get these from sticker swaps with other makers (where applicable)
4'x8' plywood
1"x2"x8' trim
1/2" plywood -

The tools I used:

Miter saw -
Clamps -
Drill press -
Scroll saw -
Sanding sponge -
Brad nailer -
Minwax espresso stain -
Wood glue -
Spray paint -
Spray adhesive -
Contact paper -