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A puzzle box is a box that can only be opened by solving a puzzle…and a dice vault is a box that holds your gaming dice! We thought it would be awesome to combine the two into the Ultimate Puzzle Box Dice Vault and turn the ‘Vault’ part into something real! This box is made from solid Bocote and it automatically locks when you close it. It doesn’t open unless you know the secret trick, so your dice are protected from those tainted hands who will do anything to curse your next roll. The silver dragon adorning the box pays homage to our favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons.

The Puzzle works with magnets and springs. We'll show you how we built the locking mechanism and then reveal how it opens at the end!

We recommend watching the video above as you read to see more detail.



– Wood (We used Bocote)
– Silver Dragon Pendant (Optional, Replace with Whatever you Like!)
– Countersunk Magnets (Rare Earth) -
– 1/16" Thick Leather
– Wood Glue –
– Super Glue –
– Shellac Finish –
– Blue Painters Tape –


– Hand Drill –
– Needle Files –
– Clamps –
– Tape Measure –
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Chisels –
– Sandpaper
– Planer (Not Required) –
– Jointer (Not Required) –
– Bandsaw (Not Required) –
– Tablesaw (Not Required) –

Step 1: Milling and Getting the Wood Ready!

Picture of Milling and Getting the Wood Ready!

To get started, we found a piece of wood to make the box from and prepared it to be worked on.

We're using a piece of 'Bocote', which is an exotic hardwood native to Central and South America. It has amazing little "eyes" all over it and the grain is just beautiful.

(You could of course use ANY wood for this!)

It started as a piece of rough lumber so to get it straight, flat, and square, we used the Jointer and Planer. You could also do this with hand tools which takes a bit more effort, or you could just not do it at all but you'd have a little more trouble with some of the finer details if it's not straight and flat when you begin.

The best part though was revealing the extraordinary wood grain of the Bocote!

Cliffsclips4 months ago
This is so cool. I had made a small leather pouch for our dice but this is the next level. I think I will try to replicate it once I have some time. Thank you for sharing.
WickedMakers (author)  Cliffsclips4 months ago
Thanks! We had a lot of fun making it and trying to keep it small enough to be practical and useful.
Kink Jarfold4 months ago
Well done. Beautifully crafted.
WickedMakers (author)  Kink Jarfold4 months ago
Thank you! :)
jott_14 months ago
Are the drawings/CNC files available for download?
WickedMakers (author)  jott_14 months ago
You can see the Easel file here and I believe you can export g-code from there if you want to:
Bantman4 months ago
Niiice very cool! A friend has a DND map making in a whiteboard, and for sure he would like this one -beauty- creation.
WickedMakers (author)  Bantman4 months ago
Nice!! Thanks!
JesperJ64 months ago
Very nicely done, definitely on my todo-list. Thanks for the puzzle-idea, really well incorporated.
WickedMakers (author)  JesperJ64 months ago
Thanks! Really appreciate you reading through and glad you enjoyed it.