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Picture of Dodecahedron Party Garland | Iridescent Film & Acetate Geometry
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For this DIY garland I decided to make 3D shapes out of acetate and iridescent film. The idea here was to allow the insides of the shapes to be seen (which I think just makes them look more effective and more obviously '3D' - plus fairy lights inserted into them can be viewed), AND to add as much 'shimmer' and reflection as I could using the iridescent film.

To add to the reflective properties, I chose a shape with lots of facets; the dodecahedron.

These shapes could be used for many different decorations, and pairing them with LED lights would make full use of the reflections. How about a big bowl of these shapes and some fairy lights? Or make individual lights with each shape fitted over an individual battery-powered tealight?

I hope this tutorial gives you lots of ideas :)

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need

- OHP Printable Acetate Sheets (A4); You will need to print the dodecahedron template onto the acetate, so make sure you choose acetate that is designed to go in a regular printer. You will need one sheet per shape you want to make.

- Inkjet printer

- Iridescent film; I bought this in a roll and it was in the gift wrap section

- Double sided tape; make sure it's strong and around 5mm wide

- Scissors

- Metal ruler

- X-acto knife

- Cutting mat

- Invisible thread

- An awl

- Bone folder

- Long upholstery needle (optional); This is useful for making a garland because you can feed the thread straight through the shapes very easily.

- Fairy lights/bowl/battery-powered tealight (optional); depending on how you want to display the shapes

ohoilett3 months ago
It would be cool to somehow combine this idea with this

Great 'ible.
FernMakes (author)  ohoilett3 months ago
Thanks :)
Indeed...any way to add more sparkles is a good thing!
ohoilett3 months ago
Nice! I like it.
I love these!
FernMakes (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
AmandaD1673 months ago
God I’m addicted to Platonic solids
FernMakes (author)  AmandaD1673 months ago
And rightly so :D