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Walking a dog in the dark comes with the safety risk of motorists who don't see you walking, we've had a few close shaves with drivers turning quickly into or backing out of driveways or when crossing road intersections.

So why not illuminate your favorite Doggo with a rainbow of colors to get motorists attention and at the same time provide white lights pointing forward to enable you to see uneven pavement in the dark - the solution is this fun "Doggo Walking Light"

This unit is USB rechargeable, comfortable fit with its own collar with no light shining into your Doggos eyes as it's directed from underneath the collar.

Enclosed in this instructable the simple circuit, 3D Model for the case and the instructions to build using low-cost parts including an Arduino Nano.

Step 1: Required Materials

Picture of Required Materials

I did use independent LEDs that are mounted in each hole and fastened with Hot Glue. You can use an appropriate LED strip however you would need to consider modifying the 3D model to accommodate the distance between LEDs.

  1. Arduino Nano
  2. 3.7v 350mAh LiPo Battery Size: 38mm x 20mm x 7.5mm
  3. TP4056 USB LiPo Battery ChargerData Sheet
  4. 4.7K ohm resistor to limit LiPo battery charge current to below 300mA
  5. WS2812 RGB LED Module x 10
  6. Slider Switch
  7. Access to a 3D Printer (I used a Creality Ender 3)
  8. Clip on Dog Collar suitable for your dog
  9. Cable Ties x 5
  10. Hot Glue Gun
  11. Soldering Iron
  12. Approx 1m of multi-strand Hookup wire Red, Black, and Blue
  13. Three x 30cm lengths of single-core "Bell Telephone" wire

  14. One 15cm by 1cm strip of plastic sheet (I used an offcut from an A4 plastic document wallet)

DonnaS2663 months ago
How much would it cost to make one of these?
TechKiwiGadgets (author)  DonnaS2663 months ago
Excluding the battery all parts were about 10USD sourced online
The lipo battery is best sourced locally due to high freight costs due to new shipping safety regulations. That locally for me was another 10USD. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the info. An outstanding idea!
I love this! It's a perfect solution for evening walks with the pups and provides much more light than the leash lights I currently have. Such a great project!!! Thanks for sharing. :)
TechKiwiGadgets (author)  WeTeachThemSTEM4 months ago
Thanks glad you like. We are using in the evening with one of our dogs out of necessity because of how dark it is now the days are shorter heading into winter. It obviously amuses motorists because many slow down to have a closer look.