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Down and Dirty, Two Hour, Army of Darkness, Ash's Medieval Mechanical Hand

Picture of Down and Dirty, Two Hour, Army of Darkness, Ash's Medieval Mechanical Hand

The library where I work is holding its “Celebration of Fandom”, The Winter Convention tomorrow. I’ve decided to dress up as S-Mart Ash again for the event. Instead of my “Before He Goes To The Cabin In The Woods” cosplay concept, I decided to do an ultra-quick, down and dirty build of the medieval armored hand so I would be Ash at the end of Army of Darkness (but still before the final confrontation with the Deadite… sorry, no firearms in the library, even fake ones).

I put into action something I always wanted to do. The summer before Suicide Squad came out DC and Warner Brothers had a cosplay contest for people to enter to win tickets to the premiere. I attempted to get a Captain Boomerang costume together but it is IMPOSSIBLE to find leather coats at Goodwill or the Salvation Army during the summer. I also didn’t want to shell out $25.00 - $70.00 for a chainmail glove, so I never got the costume together in time for the contest (though I have collected costume pieces since then). And I came up with an idea to make a much cheaper chainmail glove, which will now be disclosed in this Instructable.

Step 1: The Glove

Picture of The Glove

I started off with the cheapest work glove I could find from

Dollar Tree. A $1.00 pair of work gloves that fit comfortably.

I originally tried to deny the destiny of how I would create the chain mail effect. I tried drawing a chain mail pattern onto the glove with a silver Sharpie, but the tip wasn’t fine enough and I was dissatisfied, so I would indeed act upon my vision – to create the chain mail effect using an iron-on transfer.