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Game of Thrones Ring Dragon Skin and Valyrian Steel.JPG

I wanted to make a Game of Thrones themed ring with some cool new materials and I took the opportunity to film the process in my new workshop!

New workshop, new series of Game of Thrones, new materials ... living the dream!

The materials I used were...

1. Juma Golden Dragon by Elforyn - this is a cool acrylic style material that looks like snake skin/dragon scales. It machines like a dream and when it's polished it looks amazing! You can find it in the link below.

2. Stainless Damascus steel (Blue Tongue pattern by Damasteel labs). This is a very unique pattern and I imagine that's what "Valyrian Steel" would look like!

Valyrian steel doesn't exist in real life but Damasteel make some damn cool materials and it made sense to use up this core I had laying around from an old project.

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Step 1: Cutting Down The Dragon

Picture of Cutting Down The Dragon
Game of Thrones Ring 2.bmp

So this ring started life as a 25mm wide round bar of Juma Golden Dragon. It's a pretty cool material and I was super keen to make a ring with it - however at 60cm long it was a bit to big to fit on my lathe!

To sort that out I cut a piece on the bandsaw (it was about 5cm long).

I just discovered a new super cool material! Thanks!
GrahameBudd5 months ago
Great project, but beyond my tool range. I Don't suppose you'd consider making for sale? This would be a perfect gift!
jessyratfink5 months ago
Dang, that is pretty!