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Together, we can reforest the world.

Drone technology combined with native coated seeds will revolutionize the efficiency of ecosystem restoration. We created a set of open source tools, to use drones for sowing seedballs of wild seeds with efficient microorganisms for ecological restoration, making easier the seeding at industrial scale and low cost.

Drones can analyze the terrain and sow with precision hectares in minutes. Sowing a combination of thousands of trees and herbaceous for carbon fixation, turning every seed into a winner, making green large-scale landscapes at low cost, with the power of open-source and digital fabrication.

We share this technology to individuals, ecologist teams and restoration organizations around the world, for dramatically improve the traditional forest seeding.

Dronecoria represents a new area of symbiotic devices, produced by biological and technological processes, revealing the potential impact of interaction between ecologies and robotic systems on critical environments. Relies on mechanisms borrowed from cybernetics, robotics and permaculture, to sow seeds from affordable wooden made drones. Allowing accurately positioning of each new seedling, increasing the chance of survival.


  • Total weight without payload: 9,7Kg.
  • Flying time without payload: 41min.
  • Maximum payload: 8kg of seeds.
  • Autonomy: Can sow in autopilot one hectare in 10 minutes, around 5 seeds by square meter, with a speed of 5 m/s.
  • Production cost: 1961,75 US$


All files are licensed with Creative Commons BY-SA, this perfectly allow to make profit with this project (please do it!) You only are required to give us attribution (, and if you made any improvement, you should share it with the same license.

Step 1: Acquire the Materials

Picture of Acquire the Materials


If this is the first drone you make, we recommend to start with smaller and safer drones, like the wooden, small, and also open source drone: flone intructable. Dronecoria is too powerful to be your first drone!

Where to Build/Buy:

The cost of the complete drone with two batteries, and a radio controller is less than 2000 US$. You should look for a laser cut service for cutting the wood, and a 3D printing service for the sowing mechanism. Good places to ask should be FabLab's and MakerSpaces.

We place here the links to different online stores like Banggood, Hobbyking, or T-Motor, where to buy the components, most of them you can also found them on eBay. Keep in mind that depends on your country, you will be able to find a closer or cheaper supplier.

Please check the right legal frecency of the telemetry radio for your country, normally is 900 Mhz for America and 433Mhz for Europe.

Our batteries of 16000 mAh allowed the aircraft to fly without payload for 41 minutes, but due to the nature of the operations, fly to an area, deliver the seeds as soon as possible (it takes 10 minutes around), and land, smaller and lighter batteries are also recommended.


  • Plywood 250 x 122 x 0,5 cm $28



Total: 1961,75 US$

Possible customs expenses, TAX or shipping costs, are not included in this budget.

joseguzmanpaz2 months ago
Excelente proyecto y felicitaciones. Una pregunta por favor. o una petición mejor dicho. Será posible una lista de los elementos electrónicos que se puedan comprar en amazon? o en tiendas estadounidenses, para poderlas comprar y que el envío sea más rápido, que si compro en Asia o Europa?
Saludos desde Ecuador.
Fpv12 months ago
Hi! Great project!
Two questions:
What PDB do you use? It is not metioned in the parts list.
What is the flight time with max. payload? Fully rigged?

Thx! Keep going!!
aeracoop (author)  Fpv12 months ago
Yes, it is mentioned, is this kit that have a PDB included:
HolyBro Pixhawk 4 & M8N GPS Module Combo

But in the pictures it's showed this other one:

We din't tested yet the flight time with max. payload.
Gusgonnet3 months ago
amazing project and drone, congrats!!!
erguro3 months ago
Impressive project! Well done I really like it
weaseltinker3 months ago
Will this work on an iphone? Fantastic job and a beautiful instructable!
aeracoop (author)  weaseltinker3 months ago
Thank you.
Yes, you can use SidePilot in IOS:
I'll save this in my bookmarks for when I'll be smarter.
M.C. Langer3 months ago
This is an awesome project and perfectly documented! I wish you all the best in the contest. You deserve it!!!
nvarona3 months ago
Perfect proyect DIY, felicitats per compartir tu passió !!!
My mind was blown. Incredible job mate. You have my vote. :)
Molt bé Lot. Bona iniciativa!
Amazing guys, just amazing
DIY-Guy3 months ago
Last time I wanted to make a drone to drop something, it was mentioned that the FAA considers releasing (or dropping) something to be "bombing." Does anyone know if this still applies in USA? I would like to help a neighbor seed their pasture with wildflowers.
mrfusi0n DIY-Guy3 months ago
As a private pilot, I know that part 91 of Federal Aviation Regulations (91.15) states that you CAN drop objects from an airplane. Technically it says you cannot drop objects if it poses any risk to people/property. It looks like similar rules apply to drones in FAR 107.23 but I'm not an expert on that and not a licensed drone pilot. Here's the verbiage they use:
"No person may:
(a) Operate a small unmanned aircraft system in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another; or
(b) Allow an object to be dropped from a small unmanned aircraft in a manner that creates an undue hazard to persons or property."
Really nice project there ! I think you have the best solution in hand and hope for you that the governement will clearly see the benefit of your idea and help you with your bussiness !!
afcondon3 months ago
This is a fantastic project, i love it.

One thing you might have to factor in is that different countries / regions have different "standard" plastic bottle cap thread sizes...