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Picture of EDC Key Chain Tape Carrier

So, just what is an EDC Key Chain Tape Carrier? Well its exactly what it sounds like. Its a convenient way to carry a decent length of tape of your choosing, on your key chain at all times. Its super simple to make using recycled or discarded materials and takes no time all. Best of all, the tools and materials needed you most likely have laying around the house.

Having tape close at hand can often save the day. You'd be surprised how frequently it comes in handy. From posting up a note to repairing anything and everything, when you have the right tape at your fingertips anything is possible. So join me as i show you how we make the EDC Key Chain Tape Carrier

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

Picture of Tools and Materials Needed

OK. So everything you need to make one of these handy dandy bad boys can be readily found in most homes. If you don't have tape, well you can get that pretty much anywhere. Also no fancy tools are required and it if you have all the tools and materials handy it will take you no more than few minutes to make. How great is that? (full disclosure: In the time it took write up this Instructable and document the process, i could have made dozens of these


#1 - Scissors - preferably a decent pair that can cut through plastic card

#2 - Hole Punch - again, nothing fancy but it must be able to punch through plastic card

#3 - Ruler - to make and nice straight guide line for you your scissor cut

#4 - Marker (OPTIONAL) - if your using scissors marking your cutting line helps tremendously

#5 - Xacto knife or utility blade (OPTIONAL) - used to score your cutting line for a cleaner cut or to cut the card if you don't like using scissors.

#6 - Cutting board or mat (OPTIONAL) - I recommend using something to protect your work space if your not using scissors to make your cut.


TAPE! - whatever your preference or perceived need dictates. For our example we'll be using the only tape that matters - DUCT TAPE. no specific brand but if you have a favorite go with it.

Plastic card - I'm going to be using an old Discount card, but any similar plastic card will work. Alternatively you can cut a strip of plastic out of a 2 liter soda bottle as well. in fact 1 bottle will make several of these which you can then pass out to your friends so they don't steal..erm "borrow" yours.

Split Ring: so we can attach our carrier to our keys of course. This maybe harder to come across if you don't have them laying around. Personally I hoard these things. they are great to have around. If you have old key-chains or fobs you can simply remove them and re-purpose them here. You can also use the *bead chain links if you have that instead of a split ring (see image)

Katanaya4 months ago
You had me cracking up. Thank you for the detailed plan, and a worthwhile idea.
SketchBoard (author)  Katanaya4 months ago
Thanks for checking out my "ible". I'm glad I brought you a good laugh. Cheers
FunE25 months ago
Nice idea, easy to do. You could also use a popsicle stick and drill a hole in it.
SketchBoard (author)  FunE25 months ago
I considered using them but in my experience tend to wear out rather quickly if they get wet. the wood swells and get soft and fall apart or break.however your mileage may vary. They are sufficiently stiff, more than the member card i used, which is good but to brittle in that regard and prone to snapping. It would definitely work, but i wouldn't keep it on my key chain if i did.
FunE2 SketchBoard5 months ago
Didn't think of that.
mike72295 months ago
seems like a piece o hack saw blade would kill 2 birds at the same time.
SketchBoard (author)  mike72295 months ago
I like this idea and it could work with a little modification to the blade edge, maybe file it down. you would lose the use of the saw blade but gain a stiff and sturdy carrier base. I think I'll have to give this a go and see.
Keeping the blade usable would require a more complex design, which is totally do-able, but not my goal here. Creating a carrier for the blade and tape adds a degree of complexity. I wanted to put something together quickly that anyone can make with things most people have readily at hand.
Thank you for your input!
FunE2 mike72295 months ago
Then you have to take the tape off to use the blade, unless you use a long blade and use the tape as a makeshift handle. Then you have the unprotected part of the blade to contend with.
Nice idea! Would be really handy to have on hand :)