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Picture of EarPods Earplug Case

In college, I would constantly sleep over in friends' rooms or find myself in a situation where I need earplugs. I've tried many earplugs, but these seem to be the only ones that work without making my ears sore. Since the earplugs come in a container, I would have to carry them around loosely somewhere before using them. That's when I came up with this idea for EarPods; a simple magnetic case to hold my earplugs. These truly block out the sound and your environment all in a comfortable compact case. The case mimics the real AirPods case's opening and satisfying click sound. It's a really easy 2 part print with very little assembly.

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
hichm5 months ago
Thank you for sharing the idea, is your 3D printer has precision of 0.01 mm print?