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I wanted a giant moon. High resolution and back lit, and I didn’t want it to take up a bunch of room, so it had to be pretty flat. I’ve got really high ceilings in my living room, so I knew I could go huge without it feeling weird and claustrophobic.

Step 1: Find your curtain

Picture of Find your curtain

Here are the 2 shower curtains I found. They were roughly $30 each. The resolution isn’t as high as I’d like, but from a few feet away, you’d never know. The larger moon on the left is somewhat elongated and overlaps with the grommets at the top. Despite that, I decided to use the larger just for the impressive size. The smaller one may get finished and placed into a classroom in the near future.
I also purchased some cheap frosted vinyl shower curtains to act as diffusers.

diamondlars413 months ago
This looks really cool! Can use Orange for harvest moon, or yellow too, i like the blue you used! nice cheap and a great DIY for a little mood lighting or for a childrens HUGE night light! Thank you!
This is an excellent instructable! Great idea and accessible to everyone. Thank you!

To illuminate the whole face of the moon without changing the 1 inch thickness you can try adding a layer of frosted acrylic to the back of your moon. It might be a little expensive considering its size but it can give you the desired effect. When you mount LED lights on the edge of frosted acrylic, the light transmits to the whole frosted surface as you can see in this link:

This technique is often used in bars and restaurants to lighten shelves and counter tops. You may have to experiment with different acrylic thicknesses and maybe with an additional reflective layer on the back (as someone else already suggested).

I like it the way you did it. The light on the edge fading towards the center gives the moon a volume effect and having the whole face illuminated could make it look flat. Just my humble opinion.

Hope this helps.
Frosted acrylic with side mounted LEDs.jpg
JudyW235 months ago
This is the neatest thing I have ever seen in my life. I have wanted a giant moon in my bedroom for forever. Thank you so much and you did make it simple. I even like everything about the lighting.
amcgamcg5 months ago
Hi and thanks for this inspiring video. I shall send it to my son who is decorating his new flat. Maybe you could simply double the shower curtain (the one that you use to diffuse the light). You wouldn't need to undo the whole structure, just mark the shape of the moon onto a new curtain, cut it out and press it onto the old one using tiny pieces of sticky transparent stamp-collector tape around the edge or something like that.
RuthQ15 months ago
I wonder if a sheet (or sheets) of crumpled flat aluminium kitchen foil attached as a last layer on the underside to reflect light back in might help? Maybe the crumpled effect might help to break up the diffusion pattern yet reflect enough light around the full interior without adding much weight at all. I have no idea if this would work but just thought would throw it out there....
Pagan Wizard5 months ago
Use MDF to make your supporting ring. One 4X8 sheet should very easily exceed your needs. If you are making a ring that is less than 4 feet in diameter, you could just cut the entire circle from a 1/2 sheet of MDF (save the inner circle for other projects). Do this twice with 1/2 inch thick MDF, glue the two circles together, and you have your 1 inch thick circle. One inch thick MDF is also available, but at a premium price. Use your first circle as a template to draw out and cut your second circle. The nice thing about MDF is that unlike PEX, it will never loose it's shape, although it might be a little bit heavier, which could require a stronger hanger. If you have an outlet high enough on your wall, you can hide all the wires behind the Moon, and they would never be seen.
lfoss5 months ago
Could you add links to the exact shower curtains you purchased? Are they available on Amazon by chance? I'm particularly interested in the 'smaller moon' which still seems plenty large for a small bedroom. Thank you and awesome instructable!
I just love this and am so impressed you made this from a shower curtain :D
c4l3b (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Aaaw thanks! I had fun with it

HGC5 months ago
Here is a picture
HGC5 months ago
Try experimenting with the led fake neon which is already diffused. Also since you have a white wall, have you tried facing your led strip towards the wall and bouncing the light off, 1 inch isn’t much but it might work, although shadows might be a problem. Perhaps you could hide the leds in the dark crater areas to minimize shadows and play around with different brightness levels in separate areas.
gersec5 months ago
awesome idea and well done, however the most important thing about your instructible imho is the fact that you only need basic tools, I find that too many instructibles nowadays are relying too much on equipment that most people cant afford.
Gadisha5 months ago
YaënD5 months ago
Hello moon maker, there are really cool RGB LED with a real white (it's a RGBW in fact) so you can have true white.
Really cool moon
JAMESM4665 months ago
I will do this for my classroom. Also, maybe one for the back of my house!

Edited to add: Just ordered the shower curtain.
c4l3b (author)  JAMESM4665 months ago
do it! share pictures if you do
JAMESM466 c4l3b5 months ago
Oh, I will. I'm all in on this project.
Waldoorfian5 months ago
Awesome simple project. I woukd be nice if you shared more info on the LED light strip of choice. How is it powered? How did you hide the controller thingy? Is there a power cord or battery?
drywhitetoast5 months ago
Love the size of this.

I saw in the video that you were playing with a reflective backing when trying to light the entire moon. Have you thought of adding a reflective film directly to the wall behind it to see if that might help with illuminating the center? I wouldn't be enough to light the entire moon, but could bounce some of the light back better than the white wall.

Maybe something like this:
Mimikry5 months ago
very cool! thank you for that great idea!
I guess the selling numbers for full moon curtains will explode :)
c4l3b (author)  Mimikry5 months ago
not a horrible problem!
S1895 months ago
Wow I really love this! Maybe I can make a mini version for my wall. Thank you for the how to and inspiration.
c4l3b (author)  S1895 months ago
you're welcome! a mini version would be even easier
woodlouse5 months ago
This has to be one of the easiest and fun instructables that I have seen for some time.
Well done it looks brilliant!

c4l3b (author)  woodlouse5 months ago
thanks! I tried hard to make it easy
gergs115 months ago
Would you mind sharing links to materials you used? I realize links will fail eventually but for those reading this soon after publication may benefit. Considering this project for my son's room!
Beautiful job. How do you even discover that you can buy moon shower curtains!
c4l3b (author)  lonesoulsurfer5 months ago
well, I was trying to find custom giant prints and it occurred to me that there very well could be a shower curtain. no better story than that, sorry.
audreyobscura5 months ago
This is so cool!
c4l3b (author)  audreyobscura5 months ago