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Easy Gorgeous Rhubarb Strawberry Pie With Coconut Whipped Cream

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Picture of Easy Gorgeous Rhubarb Strawberry Pie With Coconut Whipped Cream

Yummy yummy in my tummy! What to do when it's Easter break and it's rhubarb season? Bake a delicious rhubarb pie of course. The nice thing with rhubarb is that you can easily make gorgeous patterns, in my case I decide for a flower type geometrical pattern. No need to be the best baker out there, this pie is easy to make, definitely delicious and looks quite impressive. I added the step for an optional coconut whipped cream, which is optional, but nonetheless delicious. So: put your apron on, dress to impress and let's start baking!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

Let's start with gathering all the ingredients:

- 125 grams of butter + a little more to grease the pan

- 125 grams of plant-based margarine

- 400 grams of flour + a little more for rolling out the dough

- pinch of salt

- 200 grams + about 6 teaspoons of sugar

- 1 sachet of baking powder (about one teaspoon)

- 2 eggs

- 1 tablespoon of maizena

- rhubarb (about 4 stalks)

- 500 grams of strawberries

optional (see step 36-39)

- coconut milk

Gadisha4 months ago
I never made a pie with rhubarb, looks delicious.
I'd like to give it a try :)
blender32 made it!4 months ago
Omitted the extra rim and used a fluted mould. Lovely recipe and great instructions.
Creative-Z4 months ago
Beautiful! It looks like a snowflake! Good luck in the contest!
WUVIE4 months ago
Excellent presentation, a wonderful Instructable with easy-to-follow instructions, and plenty of good pictures. Thank you for sharing. Best of luck in the contest. :-)
pillaleitner made it!4 months ago
It smells sooo good! I made it, and used a cake pan, 9 inch, since I don't have a springform pan. After it cools, I can't wait to taste it. It is beautiful. I made one mistake, though. I forgot that I'd need the excess crust for making that ring edge, and I baked it with cinnamon and sugar - my favorite side-effect of pie baking!
Katrienn (author)  pillaleitner4 months ago
Aahhh that looks gooood! Mmmm and cinnamon sugar, sounds delicious! (I’m a cinnamon addict ;) ) Thanks for sharing the picture so lovely to see.
Zuper_Ninja4 months ago
Looks beautiful ! And love this combo !! I will definitly try it
Katrienn (author)  Zuper_Ninja4 months ago
Thank you for your nice comment! Let me know what you think once you’ve made it! :)
pillaleitner4 months ago
I am making this! One egg mixed into the dough? Or both? I will try one, withe the second one for brushing on the crust. Also, an 8 inch springform pan, it looks like? I am going to try using a 9 inch cake pan, since my springform pan is only about 4 inches! I'll add a pic later.
Katrienn (author)  pillaleitner4 months ago
Nice! Looking forward to see the result! Yes, one egg for in the dough, one for brushing the crust. I see I forgot to put the springform in the supplies.. oopsie! I’m not able to measure it right now, but I’ll add the dimensions somewhere this week.
CJ McCollough4 months ago
This probably tates just as wonderful as itlooks. I am so impressed that I actually signed up an account with Instructables - just to tell you.
I will be using ground nuts for the dough but I can't wait for my strawberries and rhubaber to become ripe.I guess I'll have to buy them.
38ren4 months ago
Oh my goodness where do I even begin with this! Your pictures are gorgeous, your pie is gorgeous, and the whipped cream looks incredible! I've favorited :)
Katrienn (author)  38ren4 months ago
Thank you!! Makes me happy to hear! :)
That looks great. The title doesn't even begin to describe how beautiful it is. Voted.
Katrienn (author)  winneremerald124 months ago
Thank you! It’s truly appreciated!! :)
That really is gorgeus!
Thank you!
jessyratfink4 months ago
Katrienn (author)  jessyratfink4 months ago
Thank you! :)
BayRatt4 months ago
That's so pretty! It's kind of like an edible stained glass window. Love it!
Katrienn (author)  BayRatt4 months ago
Thank you, I love that comparison!
This sounds super tasty and looks just amazing!
Katrienn (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 months ago
Thank you!