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Easy Mountable Light Switch Flicker : Smartphone-Controlled With BLYNK

Picture of Easy Mountable Light Switch Flicker : Smartphone-Controlled With BLYNK

IoT devices are rapidly becoming more and more popular, so why don't you learn and create your own IoT devices out of cheap materials and hard work to do things you couldn't before?

My names Szehuai and I always find myself about to fall asleep, but waking up because my lights are still on. Of course, I could get out of bed, stand up, release all of the warmth I’ve accumulated, exercise my legs, and turn the light off, but that’s too difficult. Thus, I created this guide to help you design a mount capable of fitting over your existing light switch to do the pressing for you. Since no one ever leaves their phones nowadays, whats better than being able to control your IoT device with a free app? This mount will forever change your life by allowing you to turn your lights on and off with your phone, taking your home one step to being smarter.

This is my very first legitamate instructable as well as my first legitamate instructable contest submission so it would mean a great deal if you voted for me if you thought this was an insanely cool project. (If someone can tell me how to delete the bottle spinner thing I randomly submitted for fun years ago, that would be great)

Lets get started!

Step 1: Specific Challenges and Safety Issues

This project is pretty much plug and go. I’ll be providing step by step instructions from 0-100%. The only difficulties that exist would be the acquisition of materials and components which I've provided alternative methods for incase you don't have access to them. Other than that, it’s just like Lego, just piece it all together.

Amardes5 months ago
That's a nice one !!
SzehuaiC (author)  Amardes5 months ago
seamster5 months ago
Clever project! I agree that there's nothing worse than having to get out of bed to turn off a light!! ; )
SzehuaiC (author)  seamster5 months ago
Thank You!