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Picture of Easy and Economical Seeds Germination System

This very economical and easy method to germinate seeds has few advantages: it will not require a lot of space compare to the flat methods used for the same amount of seeds. Plus you will have seeds already planted at a desired distance apart, so will be much easier to transport plans to the final planting position)

Step 1:

This method is called also a snail method because of the end shape.

To start you would need to cut bubble wrap strips (or any thin foam plastic material) about 10-15cm high and as long as you like depending on the amount of the seed you would like to put into each snail.

Tsu Dho Nimh3 months ago
Interesting method. You could cut the paper of the snail to separate them and plant the paper, compost and seedling all together.
Mag8891 (author)  Tsu Dho Nimh3 months ago
Yes, but if you spread the seeds apart, there is no need for it, I put my seeds 1-3cm apart and all separates well after you unroll the snail) on one pic I put about 10seeds per place it is because I knew the germination rate of those is not great)
audreyobscura3 months ago
Clever solution!