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Picture of Easy-to-Make Cardboard T-Rex Mask (Stapler & Glue Modelling Tips)
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The most useful tip in this Instructables is how to use a stapler to build models - fast!

It also seemed an obvious contender for Trash (Amazon & Cereal Boxes) --> Treasure (Dinosaur my toddler and his friends love to play with!). Please vote if you like it, and have a go too - it's really simple, with a stapler!

As mentioned, this is for my son and his fiends - as they are going through the seemingly unavoidable phase of love for Dinosaurs. Where does this come from, I'm not sure, perhaps it's genetic?

Although I have done some reasonably complex and precise models using glue and scalpels (LINK), I wanted to show that one can achieve a fast model with simple tools, such as a humble stapler!

You will need:

- A Stapler!

- Scissors, Knife, Pens, Pencils, etc.

- Toilet Rolls, Card (1 ply Amazon-style boxes are fine), Cereal Box

- Cutting Mat.

- Glue Gun (Pen) or Sellotape.

Step 1: Head First

Picture of Head First

My son's head is pretty close to a small football I had, but depending on your / your child's patience, take a measurement however you can.

Taking a strip of cereal box (or other thin card), wrap around and staple. Don't cut off the excess - instead bend this into a 'Y' shape, as it will help form the 'nose' of the T-Rex.