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Picture of Eat Your LEGOs!

This is a 2 part project.

  1. How to make food safe molds for ice trays, custom chocolates or other shaped treats.
  2. My recipe for healthy and colorful frozen yogurt.

I chose to make a mold of LEGOs since I had them around and owe much of my inventiveness to LEGOs. You can make a mold of anything using this process. If you are planning on using the mold for food, make sure your silicone is food safe!

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Step 1: Build the LEGO Mold

Picture of Build the LEGO Mold

Start by washing your LEGOs to get any dust or oil off of them. A bowl full of warm water and dish soap is perfectly fine.

Build your LEGOs like I have in the picture. The isolated LEGOs in the center are the ones that are going to end up making the mold. The ring of LEGOs on the perimeter will act as the wall to hold your flowing silicone in place. Make sure the LEGOs are pressed down well to keep the silicone from leaking out.

AlexT3062 months ago
This is really cool!
Trevor_DIY (author)  AlexT3062 months ago
sabu.dawdy2 months ago
This actually looks amazing
Trevor_DIY (author)  sabu.dawdy2 months ago
Thanks, glad you like it! I was surprised it turned out so well :D
Love this idea and just voted for you. Good luck! :)
Arbormakes2 months ago
Can I mould jello in the lego mould?
Trevor_DIY (author)  Arbormakes2 months ago
That's a great idea! You totally could.
I love this unique idea i absolute voted for ya my boi
Trevor_DIY (author)  CreeperEmo GRL2 months ago
Thanks, glad you like it!
JustineM323 months ago
Oh this is awesome!
I like how you made both a useful mold AND a frosty treat!
I was obsessed with legos when I was a preteen, and I saw those candy legos that were similar in taste to Smarties candy, but I never really liked them. This here is a lego I would actually enjoy eating! Nice work! :-D
Voted for ya, bruh!
Trevor_DIY (author)  JustineM323 months ago
Thanks! Your comment made my day :D
Yay! :-)
Love it! I have a Lego crazed family member in for a big surprize. Thanks for sharing.
Trevor_DIY (author)  Lauradenhertog3 months ago
That's awesome! Would love to see a picture when you finish it :D
plantmgr3 months ago
Like you project and excellent video. Question, wouldn’t children be tempted to “eat” their legos and choke on it?
Trevor_DIY (author)  plantmgr3 months ago
Use your best judgement when it comes to kids.
djnos19783 months ago
Taste the rainbow. Eat your heart out Skittles.
Trevor_DIY (author)  djnos19783 months ago
That's right!
ReneeL483 months ago
Could these be used to make a hard candy?
Trevor_DIY (author)  ReneeL483 months ago
Good question. The silicone is non-reactive to over 500 °F so it is completely fine to put heated liquid in there too make hard candies. Thanks!
jessyratfink3 months ago
Those are adorable! They look just like LEGOs with the fruit coloring :D
Trevor_DIY (author)  jessyratfink3 months ago
Thanks, they taste delicous too!
zakbobdop3 months ago
Now I can have my Lego and eat it too!
BTW, I think this could be eligible for the rainbow contest ;)
Trevor_DIY (author)  zakbobdop3 months ago
Haha, true. I tried to enter in the rainbow contest too but you can only enter 1 contest per instructable :/ Gotta make some other colorful stuff I guess!