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Hi, Today I am making a egg turner for incubator , Birds need to rotate the egg to distribute the heat evenly and prevent the egg membrane from sticking to the shell which in artificial method by incubating the eggs need to rotate the egg by hand but this method often not suitable because of cracking of eggs sudden move could break the shell or spread bacteria through unhygienic handling and rotating eggs in incubation time,for this problem there is a method of turning the eggs by egg turner which reduced the workload and minimize the bacteria spreading.There are lot of egg turner in shapes in sizes but today I am making a roller egg turner which rotate the eggs evenly and takes small space,These egg turner are great tool in incubator system and easy to make.

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Step 1:

Need 20" of two wooden and two 15" wooden , mark 1 inches from the start on 20" and then start marking 4.5 inches 11 times make a hole in all of them in both 20"

Attach the 15" to the sides of 20" by screws and make a rectangle