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Picture of Electric Wooden Bike Toy

This summer during the Maker Faire Moscow (, I conducted a workshop with children. The main goal was to motivate them to make something with their hands. It was also a good pretext to make them understand the very basis of electricity and also some mechanical principles. So I designed this electric wooden bike keeping in mind these requirements:

  • Children age was between 6 and 12 years old
  • No tools needed to assemble (a plier helps)
  • Available time around 15 minutes
  • Customizable
  • Replaceable parts (standardized)

Step 1: Tools and Material


  • Laser cutter
  • Plier
  • Metal saw


  • Two AA batteries
  • Rubber band (loop 18 cm)
  • Brass tube (4mm outside diameter, 3mm inside diameter, length 20mm)
  • 1 screw M3 x 50 mm
  • 1 screw M3 x 20 mm
  • 4 nuts M3
jessyratfink7 months ago
What a great project for kids! Thank you for sharing your files :D
AdrienR (author)  jessyratfink7 months ago
You are welcome