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Picture of Electrifying Printed Pictures

Shocking that you can do it, No? Make printed images come alive by animating them with light.

Paper makes a great diffuser so we can shine light from LEDs through to make it glow or light.

This instructable shows how to make a cool "working" DONT WALK - WALK sign.

Step 1: Make a Stand for It...

Picture of Make a Stand for It...

Print out the image that you want to animate with light. I want to make to make one of those DONT WALK - WALK signal lamps that displays something different in the text.

I glued that on a sturdier piece of cardboard because we are going to cut out the area we want to light up to make a display screen of sorts. It will also become a self-standing display sign.

Glue the image on to a piece of cardboard that is longer on the bottom. Fold the excess over to the front to create an L shape where the flap forms the front part of the base.

Glue another piece of cardboard to the bottom that is big enough to become the wider base front and back. Glue on more bent L shaped pieces on the back on the fold to keep the printed image upright or whatever angle you want it for viewing.

Add as many pieces as necessary to form a strong support. Layer cardboard with the internal corrugation or grain going in different directions for maximum strength.

I also filled in all the edges with glue. It helps to stiffen up the cardboard edges and gives it some resistance to wear when handled or bumped on the edges.

What a cool idea. I'd love to make one of these but I suck at electronic things. :)
caitlinsdad (author)  Treasure Tabby6 months ago
also this for cosplay
Just a candle fade(flicker-self blinking) LED and battery - (LED Throwie) to start with essentials.
caitlinsdad (author)  Treasure Tabby6 months ago
The cool part is you could do the electronics without doing electronics. Go get yourself a couple of electronic tea candles - ones that flicker or not, handheld flashlights in various shapes - the squarish one with the bright COB type LEDs, headlamps, bicycle flasher units, press switch-dome lights, anything you find at the dollar store... and embed them in things, just wrap up in towels to see how they glow. Build or make the art to fit around it. You don't need to jump in with a microcontroller and soldering to start out with. Make it work!